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Many additional tips to keep people from uninstalling

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January 14, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie aspart of our Academy series let's talk about how toprevent people from deleting your app in this video I'm gonna give you manymethods and all of it is going to boost your ASO gain positive app store signalsand of course, by preventing deletion you're gonna retain users and have achance to turn them into superusers people who spend people who share ok every the person that you do prevent from deleting that's a small win for the longevityof your app and I'm gonna give you a lot of strategies starting now build the anticipation of social interaction as the first tip and by the way not allthese tips will apply to all apps obviously if you don't have socialinteraction on your app you gotta use other tips but if you can get friends tojoin their friends on the app or make the app social or pick get people to dosomething together on the app right away people will hesitate when deletingbecause they're they're gonna think oh I don't want to lose contact with myfriend and what about messages I have coming in things like that I also youwant to create anticipation maybe you're gonna give away some prizes some thingsmaybe something at at the end of each season like if at summer fall spring yearevery year maybe there are some feature anticipations that you're gonna hint atin the app description or inside the app hey here are some things that arecoming soon you don't know you know that people might not necessarily knowexactly when is it in this month or next year but features and benefits and comingprizes will get people to second-guess if they want to delete they're gonna getsecond-guess themselves and stop themselves from deleting also if people do anykind of work on your apps for example in my apps they create like to-do listssometimes well they don't want to do with their to-do list so they keep the appthey might not even be using their to-do list but just in case you know thatlittle voice in the back of your head I might need it I'm gonna keep the appand you want to create that little voice that just does enough to preventpeople from deleting also what you want to do is give value very quickly whenpeople download your app create perfect and clear onboarding so people exactlyand exactly how to use that and limit signups as much as possible many appsespecially made by first-time app entrepreneurs they create a lot of formsaccount creation all that stuff that's annoying for your users I actually to doit myself and I noticed a huge improvement in engagement when I stoppedcollecting people's information too soon in some cases I admit it's gonna be100% necessary but when it's not a hundred percent necessary decrease the form sizesmake it easier for people to quickly get into the app don't annoy them becausethey have so many options of other apps and the app stores that it's easier forthem to just delete your app than to register in whatever form you're makingthem sign up and they might not even want to give you their name and emaildon't do it if you can avoid it other things that you should consider doingthat is gonna help you decrease deletions are clear onboarding clear usabilitylong term you value that you're gonna give to people and this is not justprices and features but actually think of how to make the app realisticallygive people value be useful long-term are there some features that even if your the app is not a long-term app necessarily it just does something and then that'sit how do you kind of align it and make it suggestive of to you for people touse your app long term in my case I had a business planning app it's somethingpeople do once and they forget it but I added to-do lists remindersmotivational style content I would add so that people would anticipate the content they will keep their reminders so even if it wasn't a necessarily along-term use app tries to make it as much long-term as possible the last tip makeyour app not take too much physical space on the hard drive and not use toomuch ram because when people's phones start running out of battery or out ofspace and the battery issue is something most people deal with at some pointthey start deleting apps that take up their memory there and the ways their batteryso the smaller footprint you can have the lessons going to be at risk ofdeletion when people are looking for world apps to delete to boost their batterylength so try to use as many of these tips as possible they're gonna help youkeep your users which means better ASO you make more money from those users allthe good things will come from using these strategies.

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