Word of Caution From Paul Graham About Partnering with Random Developers

Word of caution from Paul Graham about partnering with random developers

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series the first desire that people have when they are trying to build apps and they don't know how to make the apps is to have someone build it for them for free and that means getting a co-founder or a partner a business partner who is a software engineer that is a great thing if you can get it and that's what most people try first there are some cautions that really I want to point out and the cautions come from Paul Graham who is the founder of the Y Combinator which is the biggest startup the biggest and most successful startup Combinator in the world and so he sees thousands of startups he's seen he has seen and funded thousands of startup and what he notices is the one of the biggest distinction in success versus failure is if the partners have successfully worked together on a project before if you are just getting a person random person and say hey you know how to code I need you to make my app in most cases that business fails even if they have money which maybe you don't and even if they have great advisers which maybe don't because of the Y Combinator those companies have world-class advisors and hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown at them and still if the people don't have a good work ethic if they have not worked together before that is one of the biggest reasons for business failure and so that's a mistake not to make do not jump in with random programmers do not just you know yeah you have to have tested out a feeling out process and I'll talk a little bit about that shortly.

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