How to Create a Successful Mobile Application with Patterns

Success Patterns For Apps

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series sorry I had to suspend your excitement about apps in the net last video I promise I won't do it anymore in this video let's talk about success patterns for apps this is exciting so this is how most apps become successful let's talk about the strategies for the like light at the end of the tunnel how to get there okay so success patterns most apps are free the premise is with volume 3 a lot of free people some of them will model monetized that is to take on the freemium business model the freemium business model is something that's been around the web since the web started because it's easy to do a digital product essentially the app business is the freemium model just a slight variation of it where the strict freemium model is you get people to buy something in the app world you don't necessarily get people to buy something because you can monetize with ads but the premise is you suffocate competitors because you get all the traffic because it's free ok and just Google is free some people most people won't never buy but it doesn't mean that they're bad customers because they might share the app they might leave nice reviews on the app so these are all good things people can do for your app and not for your competitors apps so this is a way to get at the top of the pyramid suffocate your competitors and get more reviews more engagement more everything ok of course your your competitors will be doing this similar thing but this is essentially the way ok big volume monetize on the back end somehow and free some people want to have paid apps still it's a dying trend for the most apps but some apps can still survive that way if you are able to accomplish one thing you're able to accomplish selling the app and creating an audience elsewhere so let's say you have a niche audience and you have an app for that audience while you're selling them maybe from your email list maybe your YouTube channel maybe publicity however you figure it out and we'll talk a lot about other promotional ways later in this course but however you are able to create an audience if you can sell your paid app to them that can work for you because it gives you a paying product okay so you get revenue fast immediately the main problem is that it's hard to sell these apps and typically apps are not priced at a too expensive of a range that's another issue now the other success pattern for succeeding with apps is making the app not just a one-time one day use item but actually integrating the app into people's daily lives like a weather app or in my example first I have a business planning app now business finding is something you do once and you're done with it but I didn't want that so instead I made people reminders motivation reminders alert regular content so that the app can become a part of people's lives is it going to become a part of everybody's life no but there are certain number of people who will slowly start to use it slowly put it on their home screen from you know from just apps all the apps they download it to their home screen use it more and just use it and use it and use it but you have to come up with the features that your users want you have to understand what they want and make that into the app so you say they can be using your app every day when they're using your app every day familiarity breeds comfort for spending money and you're gonna get better reviews and all the other things and sharing as soon as they're done with your app it's almost like they're not a download or it's almost like they're not a user so reengage and integrate your app into people's lives as much as possible and of course because see it's gonna tie in in a second because you're kind you're integrating into people's lives they're using your app every day maybe for the next many many months recurring monetization strategies to be available subscription models consume the consumables models we're going to talk about that when we talk about modernization but the good thing is that the imagine if a person buys for me once okay they bought once but what if they bought from you on the revenues on a monthly subscription they just bought twelve times a year which is twelve hundred percent boost in revenue so you gotta get the long-term use gives you a tremendous boost in revenue as well you gotta monetize each customer to the max and this is how you do it and of course lastly the real success pattern is to always improve improve improve everything your images that you know the visuals of your app the how your app sells how your app is promoted how your app works in fixing the bugs every little incremental boost gets you more users more engagement more ranking indirectly so often indirectly but it adds up in the better and better and better you make your app long-term the more it's gonna make you more money give you more users do actually what you want at this app to do so with that in the next video we're gonna get started with actually how to start promoting the app and how to start actually building your app into a business.

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