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ASO Engagement worksheet

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I want to give you a little worksheet that you can work through that will plan out your app and all the things that you will do to maximize app store engagement signals and when you maximize them that what is going to happen is app stores are gonna think that your app is better I'm gonna rank you higher so these are the four things I'd like you to fill out how you're gonna get more reviews and how are you gonna maximize good reviews how you're gonna maximize number of sessions per user the average session length and how you're going to decrease installs I'm gonna show you an example of how I filled out this worksheet for my own app to give you ideas so you see I have that I did a lot of things I'm not gonna go over too many of them because they're common and I covered these in other parts of the course but essentially I'll quickly just try to really go quickly through it I instead of just having a review asking pop up I only ask for reviews in places that are specific where I know that they're super like they're super users or they're really engaged and they're really enjoying the app or if they're using the app for a long time and quality is a consistent it's a theme I really work on quality improvement as much as possible it's never done but the more you can improve quality and usability the better the more people will enjoy it the more the better reviews they'll leave it's very natural and if you have a choice of like doing some outside promotion or spending time improving the app I had actually lean towards improving the app quality because that relate directly correlates to consistently from now on getting reviews fixing bugs is a part of that giving away more free things monetizing less aggressively of course you I know you hate that because you want to monetize more aggressively but the more you monetize aggressively them the lower average reviews you'll get and that lower average reviews will get the less downloads you'll get so actually you want to lean towards non-aggressive modernization when possible and so that you give yourself potentials for downloads and when you have a great potential for downloads then you monetize of course if you also build an audience it's important to understand that people who already know you like your YouTube followers Instagram followers Facebook followers if they get your app they are much more likely to give your app a good review because they already know your work they're familiar they like you they got the app because they already know you they like you so they're very likely to leave good reviews and these are real natural reviews of course sessions per user quality notifications new content social interactions and then in notifications that social interactions happen again app quality will increase SiteLock sessions per user and of course if you align your app to long term use for example like instead of something that short-term and then people don't use your app think of what long-term behaviors your app can fit into so that people can use your app for a long time put it on their home screens open it all the time and those are the thoughts of the people who will buy your in-app purchases and stuff like that also how to increase your session links what I did was I added more tutorials I made more clear onboarding and navigation those very same things help you decrease your own installs of course also one thing that helps to decrease uninstalls is collecting less information upfront because the less information I collected and then the faster I brought value to people the more they kept the app they saw the value they started using it the more in fact the more forms I made them fill out the more they got annoyed and just deleted it look through all of these and think about them and see how you can use them in your case in my case I used a lot of these with success but there's a lot of these and I didn't want to make the video too long I have it here in the worksheet I filled it out you have the empty worksheet now your job is to add as many of these and then additional ones that you can come up with for your own worksheet so that when you do create the app the app is very well positioned from the beginning to reach maximum potential and have the most ideal app store signals and be positioned for most success from the very beginning.

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