The Best Ways to Teach Yourself to Code - Learn Online

Tools and techniques to learn to code on your own in a few months

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January 27, 2020

this course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series if you've decided to learn how to create the apps by programming them on your own congratulations I think it's a fantastic thing to do not the easiest witch for that reason I congratulate you more and I but I think is the right thing and I want to give you a triple play combination of how you're going to learn way faster than otherwise so, of course, you've already taken  courses I would recommend taking  courses on the technologies that you need to create the app that you want that's basic and I'm not even trying to tell you that because mostly I teach business the marketing courses so the technology the tech courses you have to learn from other instructors so I'm not really selling now the other two things are of course you can ask as you start working with the unity course you can ask the instructor questions but most instructors can't answer all the student's questions in a timely fashion so I wanted to introduce you to this website Stack Overflow you may be already familiar with it but it's a fantastic website where I whenever I program anything it's my number one go-to place and you can ask any kind of programming questions here and you will get answers often within minutes by professional programmers as you can see it says here there is a community of over six-point nine million programmers it's huge extremely helpful I couldn't have to build my apps without it back in the day and I want to if I scroll down here you'll see that all these other categories especially on the left side like code review information security Android enthusiasts you can see there's many other subtopics that they have special sites for so it's very very good and what I also want to say is before you use this site, of course, they don't these into these engineers don't want to be asked the very very basic questions so they just Google for how to solve the kind of problems that you have because many people probably already had the same technical issue and posted questions on forums like Stack Overflow and so there are already available answers for you so you first take the courses try the materials when you get stuck Google if you can't find the right information by googling for 10 or 15 5 to 15 minutes at most then post a very comprehensive question here so that the more information you give people the more they'll have the background to help you and this way you'll get this kind of Triple Play combination of learning from everywhere and not getting stuck because sometimes in programming the biggest time wasters are being stuck and this exactly what this Stack Overflow site will prevent you from and you have smoother sailing less frustration and you'll get your app live sooner.

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