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Keywords field for apple app store

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now let'stalk about the important elements of ASO in App Store and we're going to talkabout your app title your keyword field and the subtitle which are very importantso the first we're going to cover the keyword field it's something that yourusers do not see it's something that you just add when you're uploading everyapp update but it is something that the review team in Apple checks and theymight at times reject your app because you use the wrong keywords orprohibitive keywords and it's something that is useful for ASO because you'regonna rank for these keywords you get a hundred characters some things you dois you don't use space and you separate each word individually even though ifyou want to make it a phrase you see like what I'm targeting with this as buyshoes right so the order doesn't matter it doesn't matter if it's singular orplural because I'm going to rank to buy red shoes because you see I have readhere and I have a bye and I have a singular version of the shoe so I don't waste theS right I don't say shoes here so I don't waste the extra character and I'mable to rank for a word like buying shoes read by red shoes buy shoes and allthe keywords that permutate with it now this is right from Apple a couple of restrictionsdon't duplicate the words you don't need to say the word app and some thingsthat app developers ask all the time is don't use competing for app names and don'tuse inappropriate or irrelevant keywords and don't use protected words orphrases some or celebrities or trademarks so for example you would knowInstagram as a trademark and you just don't use that and because a lot of appentrepreneurs ask me can I use the app names of my competitors you could try itbut you might get rejected by the review team at Apple when you upload your appnow that you know how to write you or App Store keyword field let's talk abouthow to write your App Store title this is something that people do see you get30 characters this used to be longer Apple used to allow for longer lengths nowit's 30 characters so you don't have a lot of space to write and you don't wantto overlap with keywords in the keyword field we just covered that and you wantto make it extremely clear and attractive because of a lot of people the mistakethey make is they just have their title be their brand name the brand namemight not make English sense it might be something they made up because becauseit's a brand that's fine but that has no keywords and it's not clear topotential people who will be downloading your app so what you want to do is anattractive and clear title that's going to compel people to download the appand make the benefit clear the other thing that is important is now there is asubtitle field I'll show you how that looks like this is an example of a web a version of an app and this is the subtitle see it appears right under the titleand you also want to use keywords here but you can also be smart about it youget 30 characters that you can use so it's not very long and it's very visibleright under the title so it's essentially the second written thing people seeand you want to reinforce the idea of the title remember this is good forkeywords but it's equally good for getting people to download maybe moreimportant to convert people to downloads because of numbers of downloads anddownload rates are a strong ASO ranking signal so you want to make it reallyreally strong and what I'd recommend that you do is use a keyword and combineit with a call to action, for example, you can do something like that downloadnow and get whatever the benefit of the app is that's the keyword you woulduse like in and start your business or and have fun or whatever the whateverthe app does so when you say download now a lot of potential people who mightbe downloading your app they don't even actually know that something that you wroteor that something the App Store wrote these is just consumers and when theysee download now they might actually be compelled to download now so youactually, by having a call-to-action to download now you might just do that increaseyour downloads a little bit so that's how you use the subtitle title and the keywords a field for ASO keyword research and conversion optimization for your iOS appstore listing.

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