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How to get people to use the app regularly

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December 14, 2019

This the course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so let'stalk about how to get people to use the app regularly this is really usefulbecause you can get people to use the app regularly a lot of opportunities openup to you like subscriptions consumable products things like that so let's talkabout it, you want to build super fans, okay not everybody's gonna be a superfanbut you've gotta build those because those are the people who are gonna spendmoney with your app in most cases, okay not to mention these are the guys whoare gonna give you good reviews these are the people who are gonna use the app regularlyright super fan they're using the app all the time it's useful for them andthey are the ones who are actually going to be without even knowing it they'regonna help you rank better in-app stores because they're gonna make your appengagement so big right they're going to open it every day they're probablygonna have longer session links and they're gonna boost your engagement metricswhich the app stores will look at and get you to rank higher from thosesuperfans okay they're very important and how do you make super fans theyaren't born okay they have to let me go back to the slide I missed the point you'vegot to strive to build a truly great app okay there's really no substitute Imean there are other tips I'm gonna give you but if you aren't building a trulygreat app there aren't great substitutes okay you've gotta have some really the amazing value that the app gives to people okay so I'm gonna assume that that'swhat you're gonna do so I'm moving on so let's say that your app is great stillpeople you know they're busy they got your app they got 20 other apps whateverright for them it's like for you it's important for them it's whatever so it'syour job to again to reengage so first of all here are the tools to get them tore-engage push notifications maybe they can sign up to your newsletter you knowit depends on your app if it's a game they might not sign up for yournewsletter but who knows it depends if your app is a health app utility appbusiness app there may be a newsletter regular newsletter you might send outthey may be interested and guess what anytime you have an app update yousend an email right maybe they just get email alerts, not from your newsletterbut from inside the app so just like an app might create push notifications the app might issue alerts like you know if something happens on any websitesometimes they send you to alert so that you oh you like click or so on so send mea message then you click and you go back to the site and you read engage samewith the app, you might send an email or saying hey something's going on that'sexciting in the app you might want to check out that you know to open the appcheck it out and I'll do that and don't worry engage and hopefully basicallywhat you gotta do which the idea behind all this is you've gotta keep themgetting back to the app if they quit the app getting back to that up andgetting in a habit of getting using the app all the time and once they have a habit of using all the time perfect they're gonna be using it all the time it'sa habit's natural so back to strategies so you can even make a Facebookgroup and get people to sign up you know me so Facebook group for your appusers, so they can interact tell you about bugs or you know basically have alittle community which is pretty cool and then you always like I mentionedalways wanna communicate with people and you want to get them to re-engage withthe app okay really want to do that and then of course what you want to do isyou want to build repeat use features okay so let's say you were like a healthapp right and the person is like goes for a run every day right well they mightwanna know things about the run right how many steps how long it took right sothey might use those features every day hence they're gonna open the app every daywhatever right same thing if they're like um maintaining a to-do list and they'rereally good about it they're gonna be maintaining it every day regular useright so something that people are using every day and by the way when peopleare starting to use things every day it's a perfect opportunity to considerwhat extra features you might add that you can get them to buy because if theyuse something every day they might it might be a natural subscription right andwe know that's a good musician strategy but it also might be a naturally goodconsumable in-app purchase which is potentially an even better monetization strategybecause a lot of people might just be consumed by it consumed byconsumers before you know it they spend a lot of money so repeat use featuresthink about those not like one-time use and throw it away repeat like you knowphoto apps like you maybe you know people like to play around with photos so ifyou offer photo editing I don't know maybe that's not a great example butInstagram is a great example of the kind of like people who passionate about photouse it all the time but whatever your app is think what might work and another the thing that really helps it's sometimes a little bit expensive to build butgamification so along with the usability of your app you may have other you knowlike whatever your app maybe if it's a game it's natural if it's not a gameit's less natural but you can kind of put it in there you can have like peopleor earning points badges achievements certain milestones right andwhat's that gonna do that's gonna get them sort of excited about using your appbecause they're going to achieve some, of course, it's a meaningless uselessthing but it doesn't feel like it feels kind of fun for them and they'regonna stay there and do it all so you know I I am currently actually using itan app which gives me a little in-app prize every time I open the app actuallynot every day that I open the app it gives me a little enterprise small thingbut it builds up over time as I use the app and if it's it's like a monthlycycle and every day of the month it's something better right but if you if youdon't open it one day then you start from zero you start from day zero whichyou get not so a good benefit but if you get like two day twenty they twentyfive you get really cool little in-app benefits like points whatever and ofcourse I don't want to miss a day and I've been religiously opening that thingso that's actually I'm learning from that app that it's a really fantasticstrategy so maybe you give something little as long as people open it every dayyeah those people got some free thing inside the app but it's going to help youwith your engagement like crazy and it's going to help you rank better in-appstores and then another tip that I want to tell you is something that I did inmy apps are if you can have new content then people might open the apps everyday for example if you're a news app okay that's simple you have new contentbut what about in my case I'm not a news app my app is a news app is not a newsapp but I started a YouTube channel and I was starting I was making a youtubevideo every day so people have had a benefit of logging into the app every daybecause they can watch the YouTube channel from my app I embedded my channelinto my app and so they were able to get new tutorials every day and by the waythat really was cool because it not only got people to open the app every daybut the videos were a few minutes long and an average session is like on appsit's like a minute right maybe a little bit less so if I had a five minutevideo and the average session is like a minute then it's five times sessionlength right there right so we actually boosted my session length is average aswell and really helped me rank so that's actually what I did and you know theseare the tips try them and I'msure they'll help you.

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