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How to write the title for your Android or iPhone app

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December 14, 2019

Now let's talk about another awesome you are so I willnever knew in the most people the more the like the more I will giveyou better use all these amazing things so one thing that I did the main the difference in my case I am a game tutorial maybe game played with fire I havebusiness apps sorry was like Business tutorials energy can make the text you canmake videos I add long videos my video like 10 + minute and after that isover the years ago Mai apse short all the way up in the rankings in never goback because some people were literally who do they make the average so muchlonger and blue on my competitors are the water that exercises with their tolocate your competitor's apps well now will look at them have you been usingthose apps because now you know if we want to keep their apps longer so takewhatever it takes to engaging features they have their apps in add thosefeatures to your apps new apps are going to be as comparative as yourcompetitors, if you have a game app the way to do it, is to make sure that iseasier for people to keep winning and progressing name States stay stillcomparative and fun so that it Sel engaging but they are progressing and theirnow make it was the time you can make the longest day of the year stay longerin Olympic flame O level, of course, you want to monetize by making level 32 bitso that they can pay you, in the beginning, make the walls easier to be today canwe play a game playing games can be a word that means and sessions and longersession averages when in some apps there are natural starting points in my inthe truth of my apps, for example, write the end of the tutorials what are thereare some lovers or something you have natural starting point look for ab sowonderfully done with attached now I think what else you can suggest the peoplethere that's maybe reading mode tutorial maybe engage with a friend maybe browseother people work in your app very simple but most people the information thatis funny because tension lines are true that means that it's not just aboutincreasing when it's about like fail sessions so what you want to do is fix allthe best right-back immediately decrease your session wind servicequality control fixing bugs and what you want to do is stream analytics newsoftware packages only can just watch how the people use it auditing use yourApp, even more, are truly understand what's wrong with the app put yourself in theshoes of the users in test man where does engagement were confusing to get you we get your friends your call is whoever you call founders to use the appwhat is the use the app that you have used apps in the news the app UC wherebake with the app and that's the place you should focus on fixing a to make upafter getting suggest more things for them to do or browse and sometimes whenthey ran out of the content of the only other friends you can like for Instagramlike you can browse the content of your friends endlessly but you can also suggestmost popular account and that people can browse forever because of there superengaging super fun and there is almost 20 to do we made it is different from meand you really think about her implement them for your situation that determinesthe difference for you for your revenue and reviews this course.

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