How to Use Mobile Action to Increase Downloads - Learn Online

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so let's get startedto learn how to use the mobile action tool by justgoing through and signing up and quickly adding an app and a competitor go to mobileaction dot Co and once you're there click on the orange sign up button andsignup is free and mobile action is going to help make your app more visible itdoes that through App Store intelligence App Store optimization and a ton ofactionable insights that help from everything from ASO to app analytics and a a ton of other options so over here just punch in your email address password andthen let's go ahead and sign up click sign me up and we're gonna quicklyonboard I obviously don't develop these apps but let me just show you how totrack an app if it's your app punch it in here and we'll come up we're gonnafollow ESPN click here it will show up on iOS and Joyce down below but we'regoing to go ahead and just use the iOS version so it's adding it now and let'strack a competitor, in this case, let's do Yahoo Sports and I'll hate to do iscollect select that one and then if you have an iTunes account didn't justcollect add your iTunes so then you can track a ton of extra additional stuffincluding downloads revenue conversion rates and many other things if you don'tI'll have the iTunes Connect 4 for that app and it's ok you can click here goto dashboard and now you're in the tool pretty easy you can go ahead and startto do things like keyword analysis competitor analysis downloaded estimationsand recommended actions which are some of the tools will copy well we'll goover through in this lecture series.

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