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Adding Google ads to promote Android apps in Google Play Store

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm going to walk you through how to set up an ad campaign to promote your app in the Google Play app store so you Click on your all ten panes and you come here and you see there's this little plus and we're gonna add this plus and we're gonna say new campaign we're gonna choose a promotion obviously and then it's going to say drive downloads across Google Networks yes then you're going to choose an obviously Android you don't want to choose iOS because for iOS there is a separate whole way to promote on the Apple App Store to down highways downloads but with Google Play we're only gonna go for Android downloads because that's the natural platform obviously then we're gonna look up the app you just have to give it your app name or package or publisher so I'm gonna pull up mine and I'm gonna paste it in here so I'm going to give it a packaged app package you see it found the app and I'm gonna say continue and we're going to create that campaign I'm gonna walk you through every step and I'm going to tell you which parts are important for the campaign name we want to give something descriptive so I'm it's a udemy a discount app so that's the name I'm gonna give it just a descriptive name because when you have multiple campaigns running and you want to find the right one having a descriptive name is going to really help you next is your ad assets this is very important because the assets are one of the places that that the ad system takes a look at the text you add and all that and it sees oh where should we place this ad because it does not actually give you control of keywords so you might think like Oh Adwords, of course, you a lot of people associate AdWords with the ability to bid on keywords for apps this is not possible I even talked to a representative of Google AdWords and they told me that for ads you cannot choose the keywords they pull that for you and they pull that from your app description and from your ad assets and we're gonna walk through how to create the ad assets one important thing is you want to select that this app is promoted on the Play Store that's the selection we want because we can run ads anywhere sure but the Google Play Store is the number one single most natural a place to promote Android apps because people browsing there, of course, I'm gonna look for Android apps and that's gonna give us the highest ad conversion and and user engagement so let's walk through how to fill out these ad assets when your mouse over this area you can click on this and it will pull up the app description and you can pull things from the app description but you can also create your own ideas because you know what keywords you wanted to use so you wanted to use keywords like for example this is a udemy discount app so obviously I'm my keywords are udemy discount udemy sale or like the online course in eLearning of course, you want to make this attractive eLearning is the keyword but to make it attractive you would say eLearning discounts best courses or something like this of course now I just ran over the character limit so what you maybe want to do they say here best online course this and maybe here you want to say udemy course discounts and essentially the idea is that you just want to at used keywords but I also make these attractive because this text is going to appear right here some of it is gonna appear here so you you want to entice people and you'll eventually actually have analytics that will show you which of these actually get clicked on more so you'll be able to experiment with these over time and find the ones that are the most highly converting for you you can also add your own video ads but if you don't most people don't have those so we'll leave that there you can add images of your ads but you see there is very limited space with the images so you actually will just have your app icon as the image so you don't really need that but of course you can play around if you have a more attractive looking image you can replace it here and just saying upload the by just saying upload the image we're not gonna upload the image now but you can upload a better image if you have one this is also not necessary because it's just not gonna fit into our ad then you want to choose the locations obviously the location is entirely up to the type of app you have and languages also is exactly up to the type of app you have the budget is also up entirely up to you most people start with a low budget like maybe $2 a day or something like this the only problem is is if you give it a too low of a budget it will have a constraint on where it can place your ads so I'd maybe not go for the lowest possible budget maybe so if you were thinking $2 I'd go for like 5 and see and just see how it goes one day two days three days four they see how it performs for you look at that analytics and then decide whether you want to go down or up in your budget now bidding you want to go for install the volume you can have in-app actions and you can maybe try to get people to do something in your action but you'd have to add conversion tracking to your AdWords right now we don't have that set up so we will skip that and really most people are just after the downloads anyway so install volume is perfectly fine and total per install I would say like 15 cents and you would experimental like you can even say like lower and you would see what you can get for that if you're not getting good downloads if you're getting low-quality downloads you might want to raise this number also if you advertise in like the United States and Canada the downloads are typically people who can pay more but they are more expensive and if you advertise all over the world obviously then you can get downloads for pennies but those people might not be able to spend money so you actually maybe want to experiment with different sets of countries with different ads and by the way, I'll make this all a little bigger so you can see if it's blurry at any time this video is actually in HD if so if it's blurry for you it might be some issue with your settings of your video player or your internet connection but this should be clear now after all this you have your date set up and then you say save and continue' it says that I didn't end our budget for me, the budget is arbitrary just because not actually gonna run this ad this is just to show you how to set it up then it says congratulations your campaign is ready you actually want to go to the campaign if something is not entirely quite right you want us you know you know you might want to change the budget or n you want to maybe set this to pause in my case I want to pause it because I don't want to spend the money on running these ads because at the moment this is just to show you now for one second I put the ad back to enabled why because I want to show you that if at any time we want to adjust any of the ad assets that we had set up you can do it from this tab here and you'll be able to see the clicks and a little and analytics for them right now we don't have performance data because we just made it but you'll be able to see how they perform and this is where you will adjust them you can set some to delete or add and all that so you'll be able to adjust these so that ultimately over time you'll be able to improve them to improve them and you'll get cheaper ad clicks that actually get you better users to and more profitable so I'm gonna make this again paused so now essentially you know from A to Z how to set up your mobile app ads to pay for downloads on the Google Play Store.

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