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3 winning ways to launch your app

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December 14, 2019

this course is brought to you by  Appy Pie aspart of our Academy series in this video I want to goover three very common and good practice and popular ways to launch your appthat you can also follow most of these strategies apply to almost allapps so let's go over them the first one is the beta launch this is where youjust release your app to your friends and family for feedback and you run many improvementscycles to fix the app improve fix the bugs and make the app better and betterand you can release your app quietly in the app store of your choice just oneAndroid or iPhone it doesn't benefit you to make the same mistake on bothplatforms because all you're doing is rapidly improving your app once you'renearing the end of the beta launch you can launch on both platforms but in this the stage you just want to get feedback and quickly improve and you'll also be ableto get a small trickle of real users from the App Store search that are gonnabe finding you there's not gonna be many of them but some small number andthey're gonna give you a projective review and you're gonna be able to monitortheir use usage patterns and a lot of people ask me well what happens if theygive me bad reviews let's say you get like 5 1 star ratings in a row it doesn'tmatter because if it's that bad fix whatever the reason is that they're givingyou these bad ratings take down your app from the App Store and relaunch itwith just a slightly different you know name or something else and those badreviews will disappear and so those bad reviews, in the beginning, they don't matterthey're not gonna hurt you and because it's early that's something you can dolater on, it's not gonna be that easy that's why in the beginning you want tomake all those quality improvements so that you're gonna continuously get goodreviews once you naturally get good reviews from objective users who are notyour friends or family then you're ready for a launch type number two which isthe publicity launch at this stage you should have your app on both iOS andAndroid because let's say people see your app on social media or maybe evenTechCrunch or wherever TechCrunch is a big publication if you're not familiar withthem if they want to download your app and you're only on one platform you'regonna be missing 50% of the potential downloaders so you wanna make sure thatpeople with Android devices and with iOS devices can download your app andwhile you're in the beta stage that's the first stage you should be reachingout to the bloggers the influencers different publications and pitching themyour app so that when you launch you get this big spike of downloads andhopefully a big spike in reviews and all that is going to make you go way wayway up and propel you in your ASO in your ranking for your most importantkeywords that are the entire strategy here this is the tie-in and this is whyit's so important because all this build-up was for the purpose of creatingthis great launch so that it can propel you up higher in the App Store searchrankings and you can get most of your downloads eventually from App Storesearch because if you rank for ASO and you continuously get good reviews whichwill keep you high in the rankings and you naturally build in virality for your the app you're set for rapid growth you're going to get a lot of downloads and growso for most apps, this is accessible and this is a replicable pattern that youshould follow and the third part of your public launch that's not available forall apps and that's launching at a conference at an event so if you have a relatively a small app like a puzzle game or something like that and it's not that new thismight not be for you but if you have some kind of impressive new innovative appsomething new that you're creating then you can apply to launch at TechCrunchDisruptor launch conferences they're really big startup conferences if youdon't present on stage which is really hard to get into then you can present ina booth and if you don't get into that then there are many many local meetupsand local groups business groups meetup groups where you can present as welland those groups are not bad they're easier to get into and a lot of timesadditional reporters bloggers influencers and even sometimes investors attendthem so you'll be able to get more exposure so follow this pattern from the launchtype 1 to 2 2 maybe 3 and that way you'll get all the benefits of launching inall the right ways.

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