10 Ways How to Get Good Reviews on App store to Rank Higher

10 ways to increase the number of good reviews to rank higher in ASO

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this the video we're gonna go over 10 unique tips of increasing good reviews and reviewsare like gold because they make you rank higher when you're reigning higher youget more downloads you make more money all the things you actually want happenif you get reviews so we'll go over it, first of all, you want to collect feedbackjust like regular users maybe your beta users who give you feedback but don'tjust collect feedback because everyone collects feedback but those people aresuper-engaged ask them to leave reviews as well a lot of app developers totallyneglect getting those people to leave the reviews and those are sources of someof the earliest very engaged reviews next is people who do leave you reviewsyou can leave them nice comments to re-engage them to keep them sticking withyour app but people who leave bad reviews there are professional ways you canbe nice to them and maybe sometimes explain to them that they misunderstood theapp or you fix the problem that they were having so you can reverse bad reviewsand turn them into people who love you who see that you care about theapp and they're in their experience and then you can turn some of those 1 starsinto 5 stars so some of your haters are fantastic to turn into the lovers rightnot really lovers but like likers, I guess the one really advanced thing you can doin advanced in terms of effectiveness is create your own audience or fans for examplelet's say you create a Facebook group and you do every once in a while like aFacebook live where you talk to your users what is that gonna do no matter whatyour app is a lot of those people are gonna really engage with you andappreciate that you do that and they're going to leave nice reviews especiallysince you can ask people hey it's important to me if you can take a secondplease add a review you don't have to ask for nice reviews but when you askpeople who are already your fans and who are in your group or whatever followersthey're naturally going to leave you better reviews because of they already likeyour work this is not an objective group this is a subjective group that leansto the side of liking you so they are much more likely on average, they'll leaveyou nicer reviews so facilitating your own audience and maybe a Facebook that'struly engaged that key a nice long term key because of those sorts of groupsas long as you foster them they only grow and they're gonna get you more andmore and more and more reviews you can also, of course, ask for reviews of userswho are currently using your app many app developers just randomly give yougive a pop-up asking for a review that's kind of annoying and also you don'tknow whether the person likes your opponent if you wait until the person getsto a place in the app where you know like they're super engaged and only askfor a review then and then your average score of the reviews will be much higherso in my case, I have tutorials so like really useful parts of the app businesstutorials when people get to the bottom of them their text and video so whenpeople get to the bottom of the text tutorials it's much more likely that theyare enjoying the app because they actually took the time to read and they gotto the end so at the end of the tutorial I asked for review people who didn'tlike it they didn't get to the bottom of the review so that way I'm able toknow where the super users are where are the subjective people who actuallylike my app more and I asked only then a lot of people ask me should I buyreviews and how do I ask for reviews so this is sort of like two-in-one back inthe day a lot of people were buying reviews I actually never did that because of Ididn't need to do it because my app used to get really good reviews naturallybecause I used all the other strategies in this video but a lot of people usedit a lot of multi-million multi-billion dollar apps totally did it and they gotthousands and thousands of reviews and jumped over their competitors and wonnow the app stores have become sophisticated enough that it's pretty easy forthem to detect paid reviews because you can you know if it's in some automated the script that is leaving you to know leaving reviews they can kind of detect that ifit's a person who's leaving reviews for in exchange for money they can detectthat because guess what that same person did that to 100 other apps and theycan tell a pattern there it's pretty easy for them to tell that and it's risky foryou because you never know when they decided to kick your app out of the AppStore in case they decide to penalize that so that's very tricky but you canalways ask when I care about reviews I all the time definitely your friends definitelyyour family, of course, ask them to use it first but ask and remind and remindand remind and remind because if you've tried asking for reviews you know thatvery few people leave reviews from the first time asked and very a few appsdevelopers remind every mind and remind so I'm super annoying politely annoyingbut I'm annoying enough that I keep asking and anybody you meet regularlyin life when they ask you what do you do hey you ask that you tell them I'mworking in this app you start talking about the app and you kind of hint atlike hey it would be nice if you left to review if they're cool about it definitelydon't let them leave until they downloaded your app and left the review very a simple point but has to be said fixing bugs making your app truly great andputting care into the quality of your app you see this theme stays throughoutbecause if it's a bad app he's just gonna be impossible to promote becauseeverything's gonna be worse so always think of putting time into improving yourapp as actual marketing work because whenever the app is better you're gonnaget better reviews and actually that's the most efficient way to get betterreviews because as the app gets better you're gonna that's gonna help you getbetter reviews long-term so it's the most sustainable way to get better reviewsnow another thing people do is give very proactive support maybe with that same the idea of the Facebook group may be definitely put your email or your Facebookgroup into the app somewhere so that people can know if they have any problemsthey can always reach out if they have any questions they can always reach outand they'll be extra happy because they got extra support to guess what happypeople do leave better reviews now another thing is you can enable chat in theapp in my app I enabled people to ask questions and then I would answer theirquestions, of course, I put extra effort into that extra time at my own time butwhen I answer their questions they were happy guess what happy people do againthey leave better reviews and the last tip is let's say you have a competitorthat has like 10,000 reviews it's really it seems really daunting you don'thave to get 10,000 reviews from three years ago are not as influentinfluential for search engines just focus on or current acceleration so it'snot the total reviews it's the acceleration of reviews of course very oftenthat people who have bigger total reviews also have a faster rate of gettingthe reviews so it might seem like it's the same thing but if you consistentlystart getting more reviews than your competitors using all of these strategiesand pushing pushing pushing pushing the reviews you will jump over thecompetitors and you don't need to equate their number of total reviews you cando it based on your review acceleration and usually, it's a 90-day rollingaverage sometimes search engines use a 30-day rolling average generally yourviews over the last 90 days are the most important reviews. 

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