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December 17, 2019

When Alex Genadinik created his first Android business app, he allowed entrepreneurs to privately ask him questions. Over time, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs asked Alex thousands of different questions about every aspect of starting a business. When the apps reached 300,000 entrepreneurs, Alex took all the questions he was ever asked, and while preserving people’s privacy, organized all the questions in different categories and subcategories which became chapter and subchapters of his book on how to start a business. Due to the nature of Alex’s apps, most of the people use the apps privately, and don’t see the kinds of businesses that are started by others or questions asked by other entrepreneurs. But, Alex says that “most entrepreneurs feel that their experience is very unique, but in fact, people mainly ask about the same issues. People ask about business idea issues, how to raise money, how to write a business plan for their ideas, and once people start their business, just about all entrepreneurs begin to shift focus on marketing.” The book’s chapters cover 1) Various business idea issues 2) How to protect your intellectual property 3) Business planning and how to create a great overall strategy for your company 4) Raising money for your business and 5) How to grow once you have launched your company. Genadinik says “the book covers just about everything an entrepreneur will need when starting a business except for various legal issues and deep accounting since I wanted to leave those two fields to the experts. The book also does not get into marketing because this book has a sister book on marketing strategies to use in order to reach 1,000,000 people. With these two books any entrepreneur can successfully start and grow their business.” creates tools and educational materials to helps entrepreneurs start and promote their business. The company publishes mobile apps, books, online courses, and other materials. To date, has influenced over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

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