How to Do ASO Keyword Research on App Store & Google

Practical keyword research example

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series since I've shown you the theoretical ideas of how to do your keyword research for ASO now I want to show you a more hands-on approach and I'm gonna pick the game niche because a lot of people they pick games to create and then they struggle to get downloads because games are so competitive so let's do the games so this is the Google Keyword tool it's free it's not for apps it's for search in general later in the course there will be a tool shown to you that is all about just keyword research for apps but this is free and this is for every you know I mean but this translates well to the cube to the to the app store so okay I search here a fun game right and you see there's a lot of a lot of search volume in the in one month for the fun game keyword but if I go to the you know will use Android as an example here and if I go to a fun game it's probably gonna be to come to competitive I mean this this is crazy like you know you go to this is a great app for point 5 and they have over 10 million maybe maybe I just under 50 million downloads so the for you know it's it's too difficult right even if I go to like row 5 and I pick a random app it still hasn't it's still a very highly rated app it still has so many good reviews and it's home it has 5 million you know between 5 and 10 million downloads so this niche is very difficult this keyword is very very difficult to calculate first at first I would not recommend that almost because you want to go for easier keywords and this is why we kind of go down in the keyword area and um we get keyword ideas and when I was going for is you know fun game but a lot of people make puzzle games right so you can search for something like puzzle game right um if your game is a puzzle first and even the puzzle game without searching you know there's a lot of different puzzles and what you want to do is maybe niche down in your puzzle niche right there's different like jigsaw puzzles you see that even that has a lot of you know that even that a lot of search volume so we go to jigsaw puzzle and you'll see that the number one app still has a lot of it's very competitive and it's going to be very hard to beat because you know great reviews and it has between five and ten million downloads which is tough to get and it's hard to jump over them so it's a very entrenched app but you'll be able to see that if I go down to like you know row five this app is a lot more reasonable it still has good reviews maybe too good right like it looks a little thick here because very unbalanced and so this and actually not that many installs right so this tells me that this app is very beautiful and there you see okay you can become like maybe ten or fifteen in in this search it's not this search term you know it is not as competitive right we saw more competitive keywords they're like way competitive even here it's competitive but less competitive and what we're looking for is the sweet spot of still there's a lot of search demand people are gonna be finding your app but the sweet spot is it's not as competitive right because if you even if you're like number ten or fifteen in this search you'll start to get downloads because you know people will kind of scroll and because there's so many people searching this you will still get downloads and what your job will be is to you know get to the ten or fifteen spot and make your app good so that it will have these quality signals good reviews a lot of engagement and that will get the app to go higher higher higher over time and then you'll compete for more difficult keywords over time what you also want to do is you know use a wider variety of keywords you know like jigsaw puzzle right but you can use the keyword fun play it's for kids it's for adults it's for men as for women it's entertainment it's fun it's a it's a puzzle it's a game you see the variation of keywords that up basically just off my head and if I had more time do you actually want to use this tool to walk through all those keywords and get more and more idea puzzle puzzles right and I just saw the idea of having plural based on seeing this here and you have ad group ideas and you can get more and more and more keywords so this is really good you have to connect a lot of keywords and then figure out how to target you know all of them in a reasonable way so that you'll have a chance to at least rank somewhere near the top not number one maybe but near the top for different variations of keywords which will also give you a lot of downloads so that was my attempt to show you a real example of how I would think through when I go through apps and when I go through keywords when I do my keyword research so that you see my thought process of what I should try to rank for and what I shouldn't try to rank for and finding that sweet spot of the keywords that I that are good to try to rank for right so hopefully this is relevance practical example was helpful.

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