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Surprising ways to make your app icon beat your competition

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so now I'll show you howjust your app icon can help you beat your competition yep that's right so let'scheck it out so there are some nuances that we gotta get right okay that mostof your app when people are searching right it's you know tight a little bit ofdescription but reviews it's all kind of text but the icon is the most visualthing and people are visual and they scan that first okay so your app icon muststand out how does it stand out well it's gotta be well-designed okay fine but it'sgotta use bright colors bright bright bright sprites I like bright red brightblue bright orange things like that right okay so these things along with anicer title okay really catchy title that's attractive they will get you higherclick-through rate than your competitors so let's say your competitor's numberone you're number two but you have a better look more attractive looking appicon and title you're gonna probably get a higher click-through rate and thenwhat's going to happen so this the Android search engine they're gonna bethinking like oh the second app gets more clicks it seems like a better matchfor this term, we should naturally if it's a better match we should naturallyrank it higher and put it number one that's what search engines how they thinkit's always like that the match of search to the highest the click-through rate is a really big ranking factor in almost all search enginewhether it's Google search Amazon search or app store search Google PlayApp Store search so that's one way to do it now let me show you a couple ofexamples okay I'm gonna show you my old logo and I'm gonna show you my new logoand the difference of them increase my downloads by 15% initially right andbecause of that 15% increase in downloads, I started to rank better and then Istarted to get even more downloads because it compounded okay so let me showyou how that worked so this is my old logo this you see this be it's exactpastel colors right it's I appreciate the person who made it for me it wasn'tthe logo that I launched with when I started but it was just okay it was justnice logo right but let me show you then I had a designer make a logo brightorange a little bit more design designer ish I don't know how to say it but andit's orange right it's got some a block of orange text or block of orange coloron it stands out among other apps in the searches and let me show you also Ihave additional logos that are even brighter you see these the red ones they'reeven brighter and they really stand out and these the difference between thispastel color logo that used to be my app logo and these resulted in anovernight almost difference of 15% upwards of you know the increase in the increaseof downloads so and that led to all kinds of additional compounding benefitsfor me so that's kind of how I use my logo to my app icon to beat mycompetition I'll rank them and you know eventually now I'm ranking number onefor the word business so I've actually killed all the competition right eventuallybut this was one of the building blocks to it.

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