How To Create A Publicity Strategy for App

Unique story

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series before you go out and start to pitch your app to get the publicity you gotta create a compelling story so that the editors and bloggers whoever is gonna be like wow this is interesting and so it's got to be newsworthy there are a few types of things that are newsworthy he raised money if you've launched even better than launching if you've created some unique milestone or if you've taken something that's not original and made an original year-old for example in my house when I got three thousand three hundred thousand downloads which not noteworthy but then I wrote a book based on experiences of common experiences of three hundred thousand intrapreneurs okay maybe more North worthy more unique certainly it had that uniqueness factor and if you position the uniqueness factor in an interesting way then people will go Oh sounds interesting and cool I'd like to know more and that's what you have to inspire and once you have your story you've got to create a really good headline for your story because when you pitch you're gonna pitch people who are busy and often all the readers the headline so the headline is a little bit boring it's not gonna have success because people are gonna skip it what you want this hap like have a headline that stands out have things that make headlines stand out are obviously naturally unique things but numbers percentages things that make things look official well-researched things like authoritative and that will help you get noticed the publicity with your story and with your the headline and then you can send out press releases you can pitch in a journalist everything is going to be easier if you create a story around what you're doing a unique story that's new and a fantastic headline that will get you noticed and will get people to click on the headline of your email or whatever you're sending and then read your story and hopefully get inspired and interested with your story and invite you to be a guest on their publication.

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