How to Avoid Bad Reviews & Prevent Users Leaving Negative Reviews Online

Strategies to avoid bad reviews

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie aspart of our academy series in this video I'm going totalk about how to avoid bad reviews it's an extremely important topic becausethe higher your average rep app rating is the more downloads you're gonna getand the more than what you're gonna get obviously the higher you're gonna keepranking in the App Store the more people are gonna spend with your app so it'sreally important to keep your average rating as high as possible how are yougonna do that so the very natural thing that comes to mind is of course youhave to have a good app you can't avoid it because if you have a bad app andyou're just gonna get bad reviews but let's say you have a good app sometimeswill really hurt a good app it's just a few really bad bugs and these are so avoidablebecause you can just when you make a police's don't make gigantic app releasesiterate in small release in small pieces that I easily tested and you can testacross devices as much as possible I know it's hard because there's a limitthen how many devices you can have but you need to especially look at someolder devices that you still support and the size of devices because on your the app might look very and function very differently on different device sizes andalso, you want to test across different operating systems may be on the new the operating system it's working fine but on the old one is having some issuesalso so that's something if you're outsourcing you can ask your developmentteam because they might have multiple devices that they have in their office orat least get a bunch of your friends phones and see how your app is working onall their forms and then only maybe download release it for the mass consumptionso avoiding because sometimes you see often in the app stores fantastic appsthey have some big bug in some app update that they fixed maybe a long time agobut people just jumped on them gave them bad reviews and those apps with badreviews stay forever even though those problems are fixed and those bad reviewsthey damage you for the time of your app and also you really want to make sure thatyour usability doesn't break down if you ask for information too muchinformation too fast if you charge too fast we'll talk about that in a secondpeople are gonna stop using your app they're gonna get irritated and when theyget irritated that's what my reviews happen additionally now that you are abusiness person, you're not just some guy or girl online you have to keep allyour dealings online on social media professionals so the less you can do be controversialthe less you can talk about like politics or whatever all the old inflammatorytopics are getting to our given to people online because now you're easy tohurt because whoever argues with you they have nothing to lose they're justtyping on their keyboard but they out of maliciousness can sometimes go andgive you a bad rating online and I've seen this happen to many of my clientswhere their app undeserving we get bad reviews because people just don't likethem or get into an argument with them and the app really just took the bruntof it all, so one good tip is in your app description you should always haveyour email so for tech support so that because when people go to add a badreview what do they do it in the App Store and so in the App Storewhat you can want having your email there in your description can preventpeople can kind of divert them instead of taking their anger out and adding abad review they can be like oh I see their email maybe instead of leaving a badreview I'll just email their tech support and see what happens and then you cancorrect that wrong and then your tech support can actually even turn them intoa five-star review so that's a good way to avoid bad reviews is to just haveyour tech support email in the description also often people get bad reviewswhen they asked for and I mentioned I loaded this to this earlier when peopleasked for reviews too early or when you asked for too much information forexample a person gets your app and then you have endless forms like give meyour email sign up make a password blah blah blah blah blah blah and so theythey're like three or four minutes in the app and they still haven't gotten anybenefit from it and then you can irritate it and they quit and of course theygive you a bad review so you want to smooth in smooth them in making the appreally as useful for them as fast as possible and the more you do that you'llget good reviews the more you the less you do that you'll get bad reviewsbecause you'll have irritated impatient users same with aggressive monetizationif you have aggressive ads or if you have something like a cake wall where theycannot go somewhere without even either watching an ad or paying for somethingthat will result in lesser in more bad reviews because people will just be likeoh my god you're charging me ninety-nine cents back one-star review you knowthere's a lot of people like that also only ask for all the apps nowadays theyonly they ask for reviews but I would suggest to only ask for reviews atjunctures in your app when you know that people love your app for example ifthey've been using it for quite a long time and of course, it will decrease youroverall reviews but it certainly will skew your use towards the higher endbecause these are like your super users and you can even trigger the reviews tobe asked when people get into parts of the app they're only like super usersget into the app which of course people are these are people who love you andjust keep in mind bad reviews that person who left it they'll go away they'llforget about it in ten minutes that bad review but you got will damage your appfor years because they're gonna bring down your average rating so you wanna doreally be as careful as possible and follow these guidelines as much aspossible that you can't so that you can avoid bad reviews so that your averagerating will be higher overall and with the average higher rating you'll rankhigher in search you'll get more people converting to downloaders becausethey'll be convinced by the high quality by your app App Store listing lookinglike it's a high-quality app and with the more users that download your appyou'll be able to get more social sharing more revenue and all the other goodthings that come with more users.

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