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How I outsource

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January 27, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series you guys know that usually I'm not the biggest fan of outsourcing development because I'm more of a fan of learning how to do things on your own the thing is that sometimes it is necessary and even though I don't recommend it I use it myself and I want to tell you about the successful way in which I've been using outsourcing that you can actually replicate right and it's not like 100% outsourcing what I've been doing is actually I've chosen chosen a company after trying a few different ones and I chose one which you know they're professional and they have good communication and they're good communication allowed me to constantly be in touch with them they have a dedicated manager who's always in touch with me and making sure that my needs are satisfied but also their engineers are also able to communicate with me and because of that I'm able to kind of almost work side by side so I do some of the easy development and whenever things get difficult for me what I do is I get these guys to either create it right but after that I make sure that they get I get them to coach me so that they can explain what's in the code how they built it and walk me through it so that later if I need to change anything if I need to edit things on my own it becomes easy for me and I'm able to just do it myself so that so the outsourcing cost for me becomes low and then it becomes more effective you know it becomes more cost effective to hire out you know to outsource because you know it doesn't end up being a total black box for me I'm still kind of like one of the lead developers on this project and I still have my hands and everything which means I have control I understand where everything goes and I'm not like 100% dependent on anyone that I outsource but at the same time I never get stuck anymore you look a you know if I need a senior developer they have senior developers things that are difficult for me they figure in law just like that so that the development time goes really fast because I'm kind of like side by side when I whenever I hit a bump in the road these guys like help me solve it really fast and they have like engineering but also design so you get the entire gamut right there isn't you know it's a one-stop shop and you know I've been kind of able to make really good progress using these guys let me or calm its lemme or are calm that if you are curious which out which company I'm using to outsources these guys they're based in Ukraine and as well you know I've had a really nice relationship with them we're making really nice progress on my house and which I hope to launch relaunch with awesome design and better features soon so that's how I do it you know I don't fully dive into outsourcing but definitely it will speed up your time and you it would become cost effective if you do it intelligently right so don't look at it like I'm just gonna have all my work done but look at it like how can I speed up my time where can I cut corners where do I need more quality than I'm able to you know give me on my own and that's where you outsource those pieces but make sure that you know you're still sort of the control and you're still sort of one of the developers of the app so that you know where everything goes and you the more details in which you really understand deeply about your app then more the more you know you'll be able to improve the app as a business as a product everything.

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