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Hashtag marketing introduction

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I want to introduce you to the power of hashtags for social media marketing and I'm gonna walk you through hashtags for Facebook and Twitter at first I'm gonna show you Twitter and I'm gonna use the example of the SEO hashtag, Twitter decide which hashtags to which tweets to keep up in the hashtags and which tweets to allow to go down because when you tweet in a popular hashtags using the popular hashtag for example if you're not familiar this is the hashtag you see what's has and SEO and also they have hash fashion so here we're interested obviously with the hashtag SEO and what happens is if you generate authority within some hashtag, for example, your tweet gets a lot of retweets or likes or that love little that little love symbol right here that's the like or sharing or your Twitter account already has a lot of followers or you tweet that hashtag often and accumulate really good signals then Twitter will you give preference to your account and keep it up in the search rankings of this hashtag because this is this page that I'm showing you is the search ranking for this hashtag so as new tweets pile up they're gonna go down and you see since I started filming there have been 10 tweets on this but there are some and these are the tweets that I actually already let go before I started filming but you can see some of the hashtags are kept up like this mic Abdullah you can see he's got 94 thousand followers and actually he's a friend of mine just coincidentally I didn't plan it like that but he's using this hashtag and he's been here for 54 minutes you can see another one 23 minutes another one 8 hours and you can imagine how many people see this over 8 hours a lot of people might see this and let's see what's special about this guy he doesn't have a lot of followers you can you see but he's got a nice image and he was a nice image who was able to generate a lot of retweets and later I'll show you how to do the retweet thing as well so you can see there's a lot of ways to get into these hashtags and the main thing you have to keep in mind is you either have to get a lot of retweets or you have to get you all ready have to have a lot of followers so that well and actually if you have followers they will retweet your tweets anyway so it kind of goes hand-in-hand and these hashtags they staying up and these hashtags are a fantastic way to get new people to discover you now let me show you the slight difference in what Facebook does when I did Search for just Kindle I don't know I just picked the search Facebook only first Facebook shows me mine and my friends' tweets with this key with this hashtag and then it starts showing me tweets from really authoritative account but look I'm filming this in March of 2017 and is showing me a post from January 21st that means there are fewer people using hashtags but the ones if once you gain some authority within Facebook oh boy they keep you there not for hours but they keep you there for months can you imagine all the new the discovery that you can get and that's the beauty of growing your page to a certain degree of authority, of course, it's a slow start but once you gain authority in Twitter in Facebook using hashtags in your social media updates is extremely powerful because this is a really good way to tap into new potential people who don't know about you who can discover you and then once they follow you on Twitter especially you can tell them it sends them a direct message the top hook that also can be automated and then the direct message can lead them to your site or even from this post they can end up going to your site if they Click on the update they can go to your site and then of course once this a large amount of people goes to your site then you can put a cookie on thereon their browser and show them retargeting ads or get them to sign up for your email autoresponder and then you then they're in your funnel then there you have a way to reach out to them again and again and eventually convert them to become any clients so this is the real power of hashtags on social media.

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