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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video we're goingto do an interesting exercise where we're gonna do keyword research andcompetitor research by looking at our top competitor apps and I know I hatedoing this too because looking at competitors apps I just want to throw up youhave that competition but this is essential so we have to suspend the negative emotionsand let's look at three competitive apps and I'm gonna show you how to do thatin a second I'm gonna walk you through the thing is that a lot of people theyoverthink keywords for apps but there's so little space to put the keywords forapps on a website it would be extremely different because you can havethousands of pages on an app all you have is the short title and on iOS youhave the keyword field and on Android, you have the description field so reallythere's not a lot of variety of keywords most apps end up competing for thesame keywords I'm gonna be showing you in a second just how all this works outso in this exercise, we're gonna look at the keywords from the title descriptionfrom these apps and you I actually encourage you to then go and download andfully use those apps and then find features that you like in those apps andtake that as inspiration to add to your app to make your app better so let'stake a look at some of the apps this is my app, for example, I'm not promoting itI'm just gonna show you so it's a business plan app and it's about starting abusiness and look right away here similar apps so we're gonna go into this appit's a competitor app I don't want to show them I don't want to promote thembut right away you can see they have way nicer screenshots and but they have novideo yeah like if I go back I have a video which is terrible it's reallyreally old I think I made it in 2012 and haven't updated it but my screenshotsI have a little color but the gray ones would look really bad yeah so it's thedesign is outdated in my app so I'll be the first to admit their design ismostly nicer so it looks more professional right away I'm like Oh competitor ismore professional they're better now if we look at their keywords they're usingyou can look at it here business plan quick builder now quick builder is not reallya keyword nobody searches that so we can disregard that and what we can do isread more and look at the description and pick out some of the keywords customized a business plan is a good longtail keyword now they're using business plan the template they're emphasizing that financial forecast and you don't have to useany tool for this I'm just ballparking it and when I look at a keywordfinancial forecast the process in my mind is oh yeah it's a thing financialforecast it's a widely known thing people will want to know that especially ina topic of an app for business plans so this is a really great keyword so Iwould add that right then they have key words like budget income statementgross profit net profit cash flow these are fantastic keywords if I was themI'd repeat it maybe twice or three times throughout the description since it'stoo many keywords to add in the title they probably could have created a bettertitle by adding one or two more keywords for ranking but they would have runout of space so the longtail keywords like income statement gross profit netprofit cash flow all these things you see here and I actually make it a littlebigger for you so you can see but maybe this is too big and by the way, if youcannot see this is HD video if it's blurry for you that means that it'ssomething with your internet connection or your video player settings so you itshould not be blurry but in any case, so you see a basically competitive advantagethat's not really a keyword because you all you have to do is this kind ofsanity check test ask yourself is this something people type into Google ortype into the app store competitive advantage not really but certainly theytype things into like you know financial forecast that's a thing see that's reallythe ballpark test and you want to end up having more keywords now let's do afew examples so continuously being improved that's not there's not a keyword there'snothing that somebody would search right free app with no adverts you know freeapp people search that so you want to add that intuitive interface I don'tthink people really searched it's just a sanity check like like really likecommon sense check yeah works offline I think very few people search that butit is a good thing to add to that's good like to software that's a goodkeyword to add I like ideas we'll conjugate with business ideas so that's good investorssee you can just actually go through this and look at what they're using andthen borrow it for you and then if you go through one or two or three of theseyou're gonna have more keywords than you can use now I'm gonna show you a fewmore ways to get keywords and you don't need the fancy tools I'm gonna actuallymention the fancy tools in a second but like sensor tower or mobile action thatCEO will go over it in a second but look at this if you type in like businessplan this is the case for me yeah so business plan free okay right away andthen you have a business plan and startup they're actually promoting my app yousee a business plan that's actually the name of my app it actually made it intothe autocorrect which I'm I guess proud of I don't know and so the business planapps are you know maybe business planning software business planning tool sothe autosuggest gives you additional ideas for keywords too and you just type insome beginner words planner like organizer you know some sometimes they'll havegood suggestions sometimes they won't here it's a little sparse but in any caseyou can do the same exercise in Google so this is Google and if I let googleautocorrect look they're saying business plan sample definition template examplesPDF format you see and I just have to the business planner and let them autocorrectand you know see they give you keyword ideas already and all you have to do isjust add a few more keywords entrepreneur and you know like sometimes they giveyou use one sometimes not really useful ones so intrapreneur startup thosewould be keywords in my space in your space if it's a game if it's somethingelse of course then you would type keywords that are relevant for you and there are of so many ways you can find them also synonyms so let's go intolike thesaurus this is again it's free and you're gonna have thisoption business plan I don't know what it's gonna give me it doesn't really understandbusiness plan but you can start as a business and it's going to give you ideasmaybe the word biz you maybe use it like one or two times like once in yourdescription maybe enter the word like intrapreneurship and so oh maybe venturecapital people who are writing a business plan they may be one venturecapitalism okay interesting one right so sometimes this will give you betterideas on this subject matter this tool did not give great ideas but you seethere's such a variety of ways and the tools like sensor tower and tools likemobile action see off let's take a look at them this is sensor tower if we lookat the pricing by scrolling all the way down they have a free version but it'skind of like a fake free version it's not really free you almost cannot doanything so you really have to pay this is by the way for enterprise in our casefor most of us will be for small business if we click on for small business evenfor a small business I mean it's $80 a month which is really an expensive thingyou can start a 14-day trial and see what they give you they track keywords foryou they give you keyword research we can do keyword research on our own forfree we don't need this keyword spy it's so easy to pick out keywords fromcompetitors we don't need these tools these tools are overkill we can justbasically do what I just showed you you can track your app rankings forkeywords but like really do you wanna track where your app ranks for keywordsyou just search the App Store right you go to the App Store and you only have afew major keywords so once a week you just go like Oh business let's see whereI rank for business and okay I'm number five this week okay fine whatever rightit's like takes two seconds you don't need to pay eighty dollars a month anexorbitant rate so I think these tools are overkill mobile action isapproximately the same thing they give you some tools but for keyword researchwhat we're doing here is more than enough because like really there's justnowhere to put keywords right because you only have like on Android you havelike 50 characters for your title and then you have your description forlongtail keywords and the longtail keyword you can just easily pick out bydoing what we did and within 20 or 30 minutes you have a ton of keywordsthere's like literally no need for those tools in my opinion if you just can bea little independent and do this yourself you'll be totally fine and if you'rereally not certain you can always go to the Google Keyword planner that Ishowed you and verify does this search get a lot of volumes if it does that'sGoogle of course not App Store's but typically for most searches they'retransferable you can see Oh a lot of people searching for a business on Googlethey must be searching business on Android and also similar terms you know formobile app games and so on and so on Fitness health whatever so that's keyword the research I really don't want you to overthink it's actually pretty simplefor apps, the challenge is choosing the right ones to rank for because you wantto make sure that it's not that competitive because if you try to rank for like the photo which is a fantastic keyword but at the same time you'll be Google photoslike, different photo editors, you might be competing with like Instagram at somepoint so that that's a really hard one so you just want to make sure thatyou're not competing with against Giants and also you're not getting keywordsthat is way way way too long tail so that there's no traffic for them but thetools won't really help you approximate it too much just a little bit butthere's so many other ways you can literally click on these in ballpark its for the example you want to rank for the word photo just click on the 10th one and seehow how hard is it to rank incredibly hard right it's at a hundred thousandplus reviews 4.8 ratings and like 10 million installs this is an insane volumeapp and you would just go through a bunch of these and see if the top 20 arelike that or a top 5 top 10 then you know like this keyboard is just reallyreally too difficult for a new app and then you kind of want to longer keywordsso you can all you can approximate it just by looking you do not need the toolsI've never used those tools and I've done perfectly fine for myself I think they're overkilled like the tools like mobile action and sensor tower probablydon't need them, people, over-rely on them because they're just not confidentabout keyword research but it's easy just use the strategies in this courseyou'll get your keywords right.

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