Top Press Release Distribution Companies

Press release companies

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series if you do decide to go the press release route here are two websites you can use to submit your press release and that then it will go to many many many journalists one is PR web this is the biggest and most popular one and this one is PR log org and this one I was recommended by a person who is deep in the publicity industry and he said that actually this is smaller but preferred by journalists there are thousands of journalists I don't know how he got that metric how he knew it was preferred but I just included it in this lecture for you because you can try your press release in both this is maybe because this is where most people submit it so this is more professional submitted and so a journalist might pay attention to this one a little bit more and there's maybe a little bit less noise on this one on the PR log so maybe try the PR log first see how it goes they have some a little bit of a free a thing for you and then a very cheap way to do that you do your press release and this professional goes out to many many journalists and if you get coverage in just one or two publication that's probably worth the price, I think the price the starting point is about twenty dollars or something like that and even yeah like I said just one publication mentioned it's probably just worth that because you get a backlink to your site you get some traffic you get exposure there's a lot of good benefits that might come out of it if it's successful.

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