ASO Case Study: How to Create Keyword Research List

Knappily app ASO keyword research case study

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so this is going to be another case study of the area so for apps of the students of this course and the volunteer here is technically it's a knowledge app and my challenge here right away was like hey knowledge that's a keyword that you know who nobody really searches for the word knowledge right or if people do it's not enough to build a business enough business on top of it right I think it's you know a little bit of a thin search and it's literally the only keyword that's being targeted as I see as I'm seeing it in in a strong way so I see other keywords like politics sports business throughout all that but the problem is that you'll never rank for those keywords because those in themselves are so crowded that it'll be really really difficult to rank for those keywords now I see the idea of ranking for these keywords may be the how why when where because it's a kind of a Q&A; app but also again it's really hard to rank for stuff like that and I see this being repeated so maybe they are you know you are trying to rank for them I'd experiment with repeating them a third time and somewhere in the description and seeing if they rank but really I what I ended up doing is I ended up going to the source and I saw the word fact and I thought that it made sense and I ran the word facts through the Google Keyword the tool I basically wanted to see what kind of facts were people searching and bright because if it's a knowledge app then its facts and you saw what you can also do is try to rank for the word like fun fact 20 facts interesting facts right historical facts fact of the day something like all kinds of stuff like that and as you can see there's a lot of search for it so that immediately can give you more keywords to rank for and you can have them in the description of the the app now another thing that you can do is try to rank for something like Q app right because if it's it's kind of a question and answer and so you can try to rank for the word Q&A; question and answer another kind of a keyword you can rank for because there's a real Q&A; site it's called Quora right Quorra and I'll show you Quorra this out right here and this these guys they are a Q website right so you can actually pick out some of the keywords they have they're actually really thin on the keyword which is funny but um you can try what on my point are you can try to rank for the world Korra so you can say something in your description, you are like Korra or whatever poor so when people search for the word Korra you can maybe appear somewhere here in the results and get downloads from people searching for Korra because you can see this app is very big 200 thousand reviews and you know between 1 and 5 million downloads it's a pretty significant happen you want some of their downloads at least some of the visibility so that's a way to add more kinds of keywords that you can rank for for this knowledge app and you know because now I think it's not that many keywords to rank for into the search potential is a little low and what would that edition of these keywords may be the search potential we hire that so that's my take on the ASO picture of this app.

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