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Worksheet : App launch planning

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now let'sorganize the launch of your app by continuing to fill out this app worksheetthat we started on earlier in the course in this part of the worksheet we'regonna focus on planning the launch of your app so your MVP Minimum Viable Productthis will help you launch faster and cheaper with fewer features but your corefeatures so that you can begin getting feedback and begin promoting and beginclimbing in the app store ranking so this is very important and you just wantto explain describe essentially the core features very quickly of course if youneed more room, by all means, take more room this is just a left only two linesjust because I didn't want to have too many lines on this worksheet now there'salso a lot of relaunch more marketing that you will do contacting journalistsinfluencers doing business networking talking to friends and family andenlisting them to help you launch and they want to create your website doingyour ASCO ASO keyword research and all these things you don't have to do all ofthis for example if you're not planning to do a lot of influencer marketing byall means don't do that it might not be the right thing for you but certainly Ithink the keywords are really important everybody should have this andeverybody should have at least their friends and family engage know to know about it and ready to promote on day one contacting journalists and influencersif you do that I didn't leave a lot of space here because really if you do thatwhat you want to do is create an Excel spreadsheet list all the influencerslist all the journalists and document on each line what each what your the relationship is with them did you email them did you already tell them about itdo you need to follow up do you need to reach answer them for the first time doyou need to maybe follow them on Instagram so that Ori or Twitter so that andreply so that they warm up to you next is how long is what's the cost of thedevelopment of the MVP right here of this Minimum Viable Product how long or howexpensive will it be for you to create it if you're creating it's all abouttime if you're hiring developers then it's all about the cost and youdefinitely want to be careful of the cost because so doesn't balloon and by theway always note that the cost of your launch is not your end cost you're gonnahave continuous costs to update the apps after you have noted the costs of howyou're gonna promote what your launch product is you are going to have todecide am I actually gonna launch am I gonna go with this you have to evaluatethe level of difficulty is how much money is gonna cost how muchtime is gonna take you and the realistic level of being successful in yourparticular niche for example if it's a game you know there isn't like a milliongames out there so very few only very few of them are successful so the oddsaren't good so you have to take this into consideration and really decide yesor no if you are going with it if no it's okay if no it doesn't mean you haveto quit your app if no if it doesn't seem realistic that's totally fine youjust have to go back to the drawing board and restructure your MVP a little bitthe Minimum Viable Product so that a bit big becomes cheaper and easier to pulloff and you keep doing that until your lot you think oh my god yeah I'mactually going to do this it seems easy enough now so then you go okay if it'sa yes at some point you really strategized once you reach try to judge twice ifit's a yes you go and then once you go in you start doing all this pre-launchmarketing and of course if you are developing the app most of your time and the effort will be put into development so you're not gonna be able to do as muchpre-marketing but if you are the business person in the app and somebody elseis developing it then you should be doing this before the app launches as afull-time gig all the journalists all the influencers have to know about youyou have to work on building up your Instagram your social media all thatstuff making YouTube videos doing the keywords so that you can launch muchstronger so that your time isn't wasted so you're not just sitting around sothat your time is actually being used productively before you launch.

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