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Pricing Kindle books

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August 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk about pricing your Kindle books this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so this is the inside of my Kindle book pricing dashboard for one of the books and what you see is you can set the price to $0.99 to $200 for your Kindle book you can see right there and in the small print the problem is that for $0.99 pricing you only keep 35% of the revenue so for if you sell something for $0.99 you really just keeping like 35 cents so it's nearly impossible to make any real kind of money there so the 99-cent Kindle books the reason to set price for 99 cents is only to boost initial sales to get some readers to get some initial activity those this is essentially a promotional price or a price if your book is really struggling ultimately you want to get to the 70% rate which you see if book must be at least $2.99 so so most Kindle books will be priced at $2.99 and there you go the top end is the $9.99 now here's the thing that happens if it's a knife for $9.99 books are considered to be really high-quality premium ones if you go to 99 399 $4.99 and those are basic prices you across the board to keep 70% so it's essentially the 70% is an essentially industry standard break revenue breakdown so that's not bad and depending on the length of and quality of your book that's where you should figure out is it 299 399 if it's just if you if it's just launched maybe stable 299 if you feel like the book is good maybe over 60 over 70 pages I'd go increasing the price over 100 pages I'd go for 399 $4.99 and if it's legitimate size book and you've had maybe a few revisions or you feel like the quality is really there it's not just a book that you're trying to make a buck from but it's really a good book that you feel then you can go you know above $4.99 and that would which is the $5.99 $6.99 range and but at that point you must feel that the book is quite a good book because you're pricing it at the high-end range of their suggestion so that's essentially it the other thing I want to show you is you have other countries other marketplaces in your selection and so whatever your price might be like let's say it's $2.99 they they're gonna adjust the price here you see and I was going to happen and some of them 94 the scene at 194 you want to put like a nine so you want to make the pricing a little more professional maybe like I don't know if they're gonna allow $1.99 here because it's a minimum range they do see it so he said it looks just perfect more it just looks better some of them will be preset like you see but here at 3:17 we'll set that to like 299 sorry you'll make a bit more sales at $2.99 because you will the price perception will be better and the 960 I changed that to 999 and the Canadian dollars I would change that to 399 just because sometimes we can get away with it the percent the price perception is just about the same during 399 385 a price like this probably will tell better at $55.99 so you can go through them and optimize them for sales with this smart kind of pricing so that people will buy more of them and the price is essentially the same is just painting is different but you'll just get more sales so that's essentially how to price Kindle books and that's it 

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