Introduction of Profit Pricing Strategy & Sales Negotiation to make money

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August 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Welcome to my course on pricing my name is Alex Genadinik and i'll be your instructor i sincerely appreciate the time and trust you're putting into me in this course and i'll do whatever i can this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy to make sure you get a lot of value from the course starting with i make sure to answer 99 of student questions within 24 hours and i regularly hold office hours where you and i can actually have a one-on-one conversation and even though i have over 100 000 students i still make sure to spend time with each student individually to give you the right kind of attention let me tell you how to take this course and what to expect from it it's a course that's going to cover pricing strategies for many different kind of situations mobile apps e-commerce products b2b freelancing books digital products physical products many kinds of products and it's not only going to cover that it's going to cover how do you okay prices pricing it is fine but how do you extend the lifetime value of that customer making sure that they get they buy something from you again and again and again and again because that's much better right imagine if they bought something once versus if they bought something every month that's a 1200 percent annual increase in sales just that alone so extending your lifetime value of a customer is a hugely important topic and so we'll talk about that and we'll also talk about negotiation basics.

Now in this course i do talk about different products products and services that i have experience selling the thing is that in your case you might be looking for pricing on one specific kind of a product or service i still recommend that you go through the course chronologically because many of the strategies can be applied to other kinds of strategies to other kinds of products or services so if you skip some strategies you might not be able to apply everything to your situation so what i recommend that you do is go through the entire course and listen and kind of identify the strategies that you think would work for you and kind of make them fit your situation that would be the best outcome of this particular course now let me do run over a few housekeeping things some people ask me alex why do you ask for reviews so early in the course and actually i don't there's something that does it's a pop-up students sometimes think it's too early instructors don't like that because how do you how do we how do you how does the student know if you like the course it's too early to tell so you always you're always welcome to skip the reviewing process until you're ready to review or of course i hope you have a five-star experience in the course in case you don't if you think something's wrong always feel welcome to send me a private message through  and i'll be actually happy to hear from you and your feedback because that's how i know how to improve the course and i always work on improving my courses all the time i try to improve myself as an instructor and that actually is going to help me make the course better for you and for other students also there are subtitles in the course at times they might have misspellings because they're auto-generated i tried to edit them but does not allow the editing of the subtitles so i'll just ask for your patience with that and with that let's get started with the course.

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