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Free consultations

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August 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about a somewhat controversial topic that has no clear answer necessarily is should you give free consultations to the leads as they come and how long should your consultations be this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so the right answer is sometimes but when when you're starting out the answer about free consultations is a resounding yes in fact you almost should be paying your cuts your customers to give them free consultations why because when talking to them you get to learn firsthand what they want what they need how they want it so that you're next and next and next sales conversations are more productive you'll get to know your customers needs create your product better and/or everything and you'll sell better and you'll grow your business based on your deeper knowledge of your customers so it's imperative to talk to your customers as much as possible so they think that they're getting a free consultations but really you're getting a tremendous amount of learning and as your demand increases you should do less things for free decrease the duration of your consultations and maybe even eventually cut them out entirely at some point when you're getting too much demand and turn them to paid because even the free ones even if you give a 15 minute consultations it's not it's not a 15 minute consultation because you have to schedule it reschedule it communicate 15 minute consultation is like 30 minutes worth of on average time that you're gonna spend on it so it's pretty expensive for you so eventually you want to turn it to paid in long-term you want to do two things either you can keep on increasing prices so that you can keep on you know turning some people away so that you free up time in your day but if you find yourself getting too overwhelmed with demand you can in addition to increasing prices you can just simply hire more staff more junior staff to handle to handle these additional consultations but that's only if you really want to expand and have your business grow and then there's also complications with keeping that profitable because cheaper free consultations but you'll have to pay for your staff so you'll be doing that as a law at a loss so it's very tricky to do it right but of course you can look at free consultations as essentially you know it's it's something where it's a place where your sales start in every sales organization has some junior staff that handles these initial conversations so it's not too much out of the ordinary as long as but the thing you're selling is expensive enough that you can make your money back from the loss that you're gonna incur on having the initial conversations provided to these very discounted or free but then free leads so that's the theory on when and how you should provide free consultations.

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