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Bad cop good cop

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August 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to introduce you to a very old and very common negotiation tactic this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy it's not always known to be the most ethical and honest but in the negotiation you just have to play a little bit of a you know tug-of-war kind of game and it's called a good cop bad cop and unfortunately you're gonna be the bad cop here and your job is to create an impossible price barrier you might say something like well I cannot let you go be below this price or this price is just impossible or my boss doesn't let me or my partner doesn't allow me to go below this price so basically you you basically had the one who says no and then you say well I'm gonna go and ask my boss or I'm gonna go and ask my partner and the partner becomes the good cop because you come back with good news you can see you say wow you know my boss said you know like this just one that just this one time I'm gonna make an exception and go a little lower but that's it really cannot go any lower so you're the bad cop you're your fake boss or whoever you're getting permission from that fake person it could be a real person it's just person may be without authority or they know ahead of time the game that you're playing and they basically say ok that price is fine they make a serious face if they're there if not there you kind of communicate to them that this is the last price dip that's possible and it was really hard to get it that low and then okay you the sale is allowed and the customers excited because they feel that they think that they got the best possible price and that increases the likelihood of them buying I mean if they don't buy in the lowest possible price if they really are convinced that this is the lowest possible price then they were never truly going to buy at that point so people who were truly going to buy they will be excited they'll be thinking oh my god I got a great deal where really what happened was you just pre-scripted this whole bad cop good cop routine and you got them excited into buying instead of being apprehensive about buying and the truth is that they probably did get a reasonable deal maybe it wasn't the best possible deal that ultimately possible but they still probably got a very good deal so ultimately they got a good deal you made a sale and you didn't waste your time and everything worked out so that's the good cop bad cop negotiation tactic.

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