YouTube SEO overview

YouTube SEO overview

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Make money with affiliate marketing

Make money is the key of affiliate marketing. First, let’s see how to make money with affiliate marketing. There are many ways to make money when you are in affiliate marketing. You can choose the best one according to your situation. For example, I’m in affiliate marketing since last year. I have many ways to make money. But my favourite one is Youtube seo. I have made over $100 in just a few days. It was really exciting! My second choice is Facebook advertising. I have started this in August, but it is still too early to say that I have made lots of money with this method.

II: Body

A: Youtube seo overview

To be honest, youtube seo is quite complicated for beginners like me. But I will try my best to explain it clearly. First of all, you need to register at Google Adsense (you get $10 if you register now). And then, connect your Youtube channel to your Google Adsense account. You also need to get traffic to your Youtube channel, and the easiest way to get traffic is to upload videos of your own. If you don’t have any ideas on what video you should upload, you can watch others’ videos and see what niches they are good at. You can analyse their videos and then create your own video of the same niche. The most important thing on youtube seo is keywords. When you create your video on Youtube, you should use the same keywords as the title, description and tags on your video. You should pick some long-tail keywords on youtube seo so that you can rank high in Google search results. I hope this article can help you out with youtube seo! Good luck!

III: Conclusion

I hope this article can help you out with youtube seo! Good luck!

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