Seth Godin and Purple Cow

Seth Godin and Purple Cow

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February 12, 2021

I: Introduction

Digital marketing is a powerful weapon. It plays a vital role in helping businesses grow. Web Development, as a digital marketing tool, is a huge factor that helps businesses prosper. Here are ten reasons why web development is a must for entrepreneurs.

II: Body

1. Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank (PR) is the Google algorithm that determines which websites are more important than others. This algorithm takes into consideration important factors like links, content, and popularity. Websites with high PR rank highly on the search engine result pages (SERPs). This helps them to get more traffic and subsequently more business.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving the visibility of your website on SERPs, using different strategies like link building, keyword research, etc. SEO helps your site to show up on the first page of SERPs. This gives you more visibility and gets you more customers. As per Neil Patel, SEO can help you grow your business by 200%.

3. Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important factors that determine the success of an online business. If there is no traffic, there will be no business! Traffic means people who visit your website or blog through different digital channels like social media, ads, etc. The more traffic you get, the more business your website will generate over time.

4. Developing Wordpress Plugin

WordPress is the most widely used content management platform (CMS) on the web. Millions of people use it to create blogs and websites. There are many WordPress plugins that can be developed to make money online. Some of these plugins are premium and charge their users to buy them while others are free and generate revenue through advertisements.

5. E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce stores are websites where users can buy certain products or services online through their credit cards or PayPal accounts. E-Commerce stores are extremely popular because of their simplicity and convenience. Setting up an e-commerce store involves developing a website, choosing the right payment gateway, setting up shipping methods, etc.

6. Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is someone who works on behalf of another person remotely from different parts of the world through internet connection. A virtual assistant may oversee some tasks related to web development or manage some other business processes remotely. You can hire a virtual assistant to work on your projects or manage your web development business on a full-time basis for better results.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of promoting your business online by creating accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and engaging with people using those accounts. SMM helps you spread awareness about your products or services to a large number of people in a very short time period. In fact, it is one of the best ways to market your business online without spending too much money.

8. Making Money from Ads

You can sell ad space on your website or blog to advertisers in exchange for money. You can also run ads on your website using AdSense or other similar programs in order to collect money from advertisers when users click on their ads to visit their sites and make purchases there. You can also sell ad space directly to companies interested in putting their ads on your website instead of going through online ad networks like Google AdSense or Bing Ads. In case you have an active community of followers who trust you and actively engage with you, you can even consider selling ad space direct to brands without going through any ad networks at all!

9. Site Hosting Services

In order to keep your website active and accessible from all parts of the world, you need a hosting service provider. A good hosting company will provide decent server speeds, uptime guarantee, easy setup, and a lot more features for a nominal price. You can develop your site using wordpress or any other platform and host it on a domain name that you have bought from a domain registration company like Godaddy or Namecheap and then set up hosting service for that domain name with the hosting company of your choice after getting it transferred from the registrar company to your site's name with them. Before doing this though, make sure that you have checked the terms of service and other policies of the hosting company so that you do not get stuck with anything unfavorable in future due to ignorance! You should also check out wpengine coupon codes and go4hosting coupons and offers while buying hosting for your site!

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