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Do this to Your Goals for Easier Results

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 38 10x er goals for easier results now did you know it's a lot easier to hit a goal that's ten times bigger than it is to hit a goal that's just one X just one times bigger the same sort of goal so if you're ten extra goals it's actually gonna be a lot easier to accomplish this might seem counterintuitive well something's ten times bigger well it's gonna take at least ten times as long to accomplish and that's not the case let's take a look at a couple examples here to really clarify and prove this point so for example let's say you are a male you're in a bar and you are looking to get lucky so you're gonna talk to not the hottest girls a bar you're gonna talk to someone or a girl who seems attainable here is the news here's a surprise that's what everybody's strategy is you're at the bar and every guy isn't gonna go for the hottest girl in the bar they're gonna go for the one that they think they can achieve now I know they think they can get alright this isn't meant to be a sexist note that women are on a scale of one to ten so on and so forth this is the mentality that's going to help you accomplish more this is a mentality to help you understand this concept now that being in mind by everyone trying to go for the achievable goal for the achievable girl so to speak that girl is absolutely inundated with requests with people talking to her with the guys talking to her so what she has her pick of the bar she can choose any guy to go home with for example but if you were to look at the hottest girl in the bar she hasn't been spoken to she hasn't been touched she hasn't even had a conversation the entire night because every guy every person in that bar is following that same strategy they're going for what seems attainable what seems reasonable and they're actually getting knocked out not figuratively not literally they're getting not where they want to be so if you were at a 10 X or goal go for what seems to be unattainable unobtainable unn possible impossible if you will and go for the hottest girl on the bar you will be surprised how much easier it is this isn't supposed to be anything sexist I don't mean it that way just a proof in an example here's another example I've experienced this one myself trying to raise and fundraise 1 million dollars versus 10 million dollars now if you go to a bank you have a business project that you're trying to fund and you try to raise 1 million dollars it's going to be much much more difficult than if you're trying to raise 10 million dollars that's a 10x increase now why is that that's the law it has a lot to do with banking and the fact that they're trying to get the money out and collateral and secured this securitization you know so on and so forth I won't get into those details but it has to do with banking and 10x in your goals it's much easier to raise that 10 million because less people are going for it in essence in its simplicity unless people are trying to raise 10 million you have a hundred people trying to raise 1 million and then you know five people trying to raise ten million it's a lot less competition there's a lot less selection there's also benefits to the bank for getting all that money out at once it might seem counterintuitive so 10x your goals you'll get better results do you want better results it's gonna be easier if your 10x or goals do you want to create one product do you want to create a company that does 1 million in sales do you want to create a company that does 10 million in sales if you want better results 10x or goals 10x your dreams I'm gonna accomplish it easier and faster than you wanted it's gonna be 10 times bigger.

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