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Why you have Been typing Wrong your Entire Life...

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 55 why you've been typing wrong your entire life now this is the standard keyboard layout called QWERTY this is the QWERTY layout this is the one you're familiar with qwe RT y u io p on the top and on the bottom you know ASD f G H J so on and so forth but then your fingers correspond to those letters and then you type okay now here is the ideal layout they found out by doing mathematical studies statistical studies that the keys that are most used should be in a place that are most accessible with the QWERTY keyboard that's not the case with this keyboard layout the colemak it is it's designed so you can type much more efficiently okay now you're gonna see that it's totally different on the top it isn't QWERTY it's qwf PG that's not a good name for a keyboard but the colemak keyboard is a way so you can type faster so instead of having to move your fingers a lot more a lot less efficiently you're able to type it on a more efficient keyboard there is another layout that's also a possibility for you called the Dvorak Vujic keyboard depending on how you want to pronounce it it's the same idea so it's the Cystic aliy mathematically shown that you move your keys move your fingers as little as possible when typing on these two types of keyboards so if you cut out all the inefficient movements of your hands they're also gonna cause you injuries over time it's been shown you know if you keep typing with this it's causing more and more problems to help you type more effectively let's take a look at couple these online so let's just take a look at the colemak keyboard let's just go to amazon.com and with these peoples you know you will have to pay for it obviously but the idea is that if you type faster if you're more efficient if you're more productive it pays for itself much quicker than you could ever imagine so you can either buy it just keyboard labels they can see here so it's going to be like five six bucks with shipping and all that or you can actually get a brand-new keyboard it's gonna be $50 plus let's the idea is it's simple as simple as that just wanted to walk you through it just to show you how quick it can be to implement this habit change your keyboard it is gonna be a little bit of a learning curve to switch over but once it is done you will see how fast your typing how much more you're getting done how simple it is.

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