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What to Do with Repetitive Tasks

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number fifty what else to do with repetitive tasks a smartest thing to do with repetitive tasks that you can't for whatever reason automate is the use of a checklist a checklist is a step by step thing you do now alongside you doing the action or the series of actions you need to accomplish you're able to also check it off as you're going so it does a couple of things it gives you that sense of accomplishment it also gives you a sense of being on point being on task and being able to do what you need to do as effectively and efficiently as possible now in a book that I highly recommend called the checklist manifesto we talked about the power of a checklist it used to be a problem in hospitals where there were hospital related infections due to catheters not being cleaned properly before they implemented the use of a checklist it was at 17% of hospital related infections were due to this catheter issue after they implemented it and went down to zero that's the power of a checklist a lot of the times you might think well I don't need a checklist I know how to do this but you missed steps you miss important things important activities and then you mess up the entire activity so you could have just not done it thrown out what other steps that you did out the window let's go through an example here just to help you understand and help you solidify this concept I'm gonna show you one of my favorite checklist software's here it's called tick tick tick tick comm and you can also does to-do lists and we'll also go over another software another app for to-do lists and keeping track of projects and keeping track of other items that you need to work on projects and so on it's the same idea with this software tick tick where you can create checklists as you work through them you check it off step by step I don't know I don't think at this point it's really necessary for me to go through an example so it's very simple to get and get started with but it's as simple as that download and use this here and then you're able to use it and benefit from it tick tick.

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