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Three Evernote Productivity Hacks

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 71 evernote productivity acts now evernote is a tool it's a software that you use on your computer and it helps you get more things done organized notes even more than that I'm just scratching the surface but there are hacks and ways to be more productive using Evernote if you were to use it if you don't use it I'd highly recommend getting into it but let's get into the details here let's take a look at command J what that means and how it's going to save you lots of time now filling the evernote blog here so let's command J will save your day so use command J with Evernote for Mac to save time quickly now I get two notebooks and find content easily I'm gonna use that and show it show you how it works on my own Evernote so this is my Evernote here I don't use a Macanese window so it's not command J but it's I think it's ctrl alt shift n I don't shift and I can see all my notebooks here so instead of having to you know go and I look at the notebooks here or get out and try to find the notebook I can do just control-shift-n I can either create a notebook or Alt shift n pops it up here I can search it boom easy so that was command J let's take a look at Smart Search so this is how we're going to use Evernote to better our lives let's take a look at smart search here the smart search feature is one of the best things about Evernote so let's clear this out so I just want to search all notes and let's say I want to I took this ebook song so I want to take a look at the website and save it for later let's say one just find all my notes related to books let's type that in boom boom boom boom boom their Smart Search feature all of the words in Evernote are indexable so it just finds everything related to that 25 power words okay top business books no essays done okay now let's take a look at clip content and how we can use that with our Evernote and be more productive so what's really cool um on the Evernote website it's called Web Clipper and what it does is you're able to save articles for later so all you need to do once it's installed is right-click and you clip it or you clip click up here once it's installed and you're able to save yourself a lot of hassle so you see a cool article you want to read or you want to save it you just click the Save button basically so let's walk through you walk through a little bit in more detail so so onions I uninstalled mine so I can walk you through this so get it at extension easy ok so once it's installed a little elephant is up here that's Evernote logo so I just right click on the article Evernote Web Clipper clip and then it's going to pop up here and it's done so you can save articles for later I have a ton of articles here that I can always reference and take a look at in the future

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