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Things you Should Never Do Yourself Again...

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 13 personal chores and things you should never do yourself again now here is a basic economics lesson for you what is your time worth now if you're working or you're on a salary then you know you're earning $15 an hour $20 an hour $50 an hour $100 an hour depending on what you do so you know your time of one hour is worth that much when you're on the clock now let's take a look an example here of using your time for the wrong thing let's say you are an accountant you earn 30 dollars per hour for doing your work now if you were to mow the lawn and to outsource that that cost about $10 per hour now you see and it becomes obvious that you shouldn't be mowing the lawn it's not worth your time your time is valued at $30 per hour so you shouldn't be wasting your time wasting your energy mowing the lawn hire somebody else to do that at $10 per hour don't have to worry about any issues you free up that time the hour or two you spent mowing the lawn is now free time that you can do other things you want this is an example under the trifecta where we're unlocking our time mowing the lawn okay now accounting now all of that being said it makes sense if your time is worth so much the time you spent mowing lawn could now be time you spent with family time you spend relaxing time you have just earned before you go out and outsource everything you do in your life with like getting dressed brushing your teeth so on and so forth does it make sense for you to do it with brushing your teeth no prophet probably does you're not gonna hire somebody to do that for you it doesn't make sense for you to do it keep this in mind when you're looking to outsource and get rid of tasks here are things to outsource and examples that you might be doing day to day in your life that you don't need to be doing first example is laundry would it make sense with how much you're getting paid with how much you are contributing and spending time on other activities does it make sense for you to do laundry what about dry-cleaning okay what about home improvement tasks what about lawn maintenance what about fixing the computer if the computer is broken it's gonna take you three hours to do it hire somebody to do it for $20 it's not worth your time if you're the accountant in the previous example making $30 an hour now let's take a look at a service here you can use to outsource your tasks it's called TaskRabbit comm we're gonna walk you through it outsource some of those tasks make your life more productive let's go to TaskRabbit dot-com TaskRabbit com okay so let's and what do we need help but let's say we need help with grocery shopping we want to cut down on that in our life we don't want to deal with anymore so on and so forth at this point it's going to help us find exactly the person to do it so fill out task details view task rows and prices confirm and book and all of that is simple it only take you a couple minutes to actually do this which is great in terms of time input and you know the actual output you'll get out of it about Sandi and once you use TaskRabbit all these essential tasks you don't have to deal with anymore that you don't have to worry about are off your plate and that way you have other things to close that other things to focus on so I'll let you go through this once as when you're this far it's it's up to you so I'll let you go through this process.

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