How Psychological Principle that Will Determine Your Success

The Psychological Principle that Will Determine Your Success

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number seven it is psychological principle will determine your success now what is it what is this psychological principle why is it so powerful why is it hold me back from success or why is it causing me to be successful now let's before we get into that let's go through with the example of a thermostat and then it'll really crystallize and help tie together everything that we're looking to learn in this lecture okay so with a thermostat I'll thermostats work if the room temperature gets above a certain threshold let's say so an example this we want to keep the room at 70 degrees Fahrenheit okay 70 degrees Fahrenheit if it gets at 75 degrees Fahrenheit the thermostat is going to kick in it's going to lower the temperature of the room it's gonna go back to 70 okay go back that to that baseline what happens if it goes and drops below seven it goes in 65 what's gonna bring and heat the room and bring it back to 70 so it's always gonna bring it back to the baseline of temperature in that room okay now how does this time to success how is this time to productivity this all ties into core identity how do you see yourself how successful do you see yourself being and how successful do you see yourself being and accomplishing the tasks you want to accomplish in doing the things you want to do this ties into your car identity what do you think of yourself how do you think of yourself what is your self esteem those main ideas so it's like a thermostat so let's say you are making as an example $5,000 per month now if that's your core baseline that's your identity you're the type of person that makes $5,000 per month and that's where you're at if you start making more started getting up to $6,000 per month your internal core identity thermostat is gonna kick in it's gonna start to say and you're gonna start to self-sabotage you're gonna start to do projects late you're gonna start to not fulfill tasks you're gonna slowly creep down to that five and dollars per month mark you about that six thousand dollars per month mark that was great but then your core identity kicked in your thermostat kicked in and said well wait a second we're at 5,000 let's go back down to there it works the other way too this is probably the way you're more familiar with so let's say you're at five thousand dollars per month that's your core identity that's where your self-worth is related to where it's dialed in at and you start going down to $4,000 per month now bills are coming in you have payments to make so you're gonna kick in kick into gear get more productive get more work done you're gonna realize wait a second I'm not worth $4,000 months we're gonna work harder to get back up to that $5,000 per month get back to making that money get back to where you're comfortable so that's the example or thermostat how does this dictate your success your core identity is gonna keep you where you're at where you're most comfortable whether that's $5,000 a month $10,000 a month taking it to productivity maybe it's 40 hours per week and getting this much done if it's 80 hours per week getting this Plus this much done so think about how you see yourself think about your identity think about where you are and how your psychology ties into that not your average productivity hack huh look at your core identity you'll find out pretty quick why you are in the situation you are in

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