Learn Online A Powerful Thought Organizing Principle

A Powerful Thought Organizing Principle

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number nine powerful thought organizing principles this one's simple it's almost simple it's almost too simple if you will but it's gonna help you get more done help you get everything off your mind it's to write it down rather than having ten twenty hundred things on your mind circulating constantly going through it if you write it down it helps it get off your mind you get it off your mind you don't have to deal with that anymore you don't have to constantly remember it I have to do this after you this I have to do this if you put it on paper you record it your mind can now go and deal with other issues now I've been there before I'm sure you've been there before we have three things to do it's your mind constantly cycles through that okay number one I need to do this number two I need to do this number three and do this and then 30 minutes later your mind does the same thing okay number one I need to do this number two I need to do this number three I need to do this but by writing it down you're allowing for more mental space you don't have to think about it anymore it's written down you're going to do it it's recorded you don't have to try and spend energy time and attention by thinking about this other thing now if that's not good enough for you to write it down have a pen and paper constantly write things down as they come to you there is another technique called mind mapping where you can get a large number of ideas a large complex system out of the way ASAP so you don't have to deal with it I'm gonna walk you through a mind mapping example here so you can benefit from this as well so this is a mind mapping software that I like and I enjoy the most it's called mind MUP calm I'm a my nd mu P calm it's gonna pull up this let's go ahead and create a new map let's just do a public open map okay and now we can start actually making and branching out let's say we were to break down let's do productivity okay then insert a child okay so what goes into the product to me time what else goes into productivity time energy what else let's see time energy and attention so we can start breaking this down it starts to get better and better as we add more children add more siblings have more parents that's where it's all called in the mind mapping so attention how do we help with attention let's do mind mapping okay how else to help with the tension no distractions so on and so forth so we can mind map an entire concept entire tree and within minutes we have a nice mental picture.

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