Learn Online How Water Affects what you can Accomplish

How Water Affects what you can Accomplish...

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June 15, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 60 how water affects what you can accomplish now he might be think what does water have to do with productivity but it's the fact that dehydration is an issue if you're not drinking enough water then your body is and is healthy and up to its optimum levels that it should be with dehydration especially you don't know until it's too late when you're dehydrated and especially if you're working hard you might forget to drink water and then your performance is going to be impacted you might not know this but a 2% dehydration rate if your mind is to just 2 percent dehydrated it's actually gonna lower memory function like 2 up to 25% so just 2% dehydration leads to 25% impairment that's quite powerful make sure to drink water now it depends and you want to make sure you drink enough but not drink too much it's recommended you have 8 glasses of water per day I recommend that as well make sure you drink enough make sure you are fully hydrated at the same time if your body is banging you to stop drinking water it's giving you that mental signal like you're full you don't want to have any more water than listen to it but how much should you drink you know 8 glasses per day or whatever your body dicta and then on top of this I want to talk about what you should drink should be water drinking you know energy drinks eight glasses of energy drinks is a lot should be something healthy water is the best bet.

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