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How to Use your 'Ultradian Rhythm' to your Benefit

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number five how to use your ultradian rhythm to your benefit now what if you're asking what is a null trading rhythm is exactly what it is it's a wave form going up going down exactly like a wave we're at the peak you have the most energy you're getting the most done you are on top of your game and at the trough at the bottom you want to rest you don't feel so good you don't want to do as much take a little slower that's what ultradian rhythm is where every 90 seconds is about what it breaks out into you hit the peak you're getting a lot done and at the end of that 90 minute period you are ready to rest your body is needing a break so you can use that to your benefit here now the goal is simple the goal is to get as much done as possible so you're going to work during the peaks do as much as you can during the peaks when your biological clock when your mental clock when your body is ready to do it then you're gonna rest during the troughs now you might be thinking at this point okay how do I find this how do I get to where I can actually work during these rhythms because I don't know when my all training rhythm on trading clock is going the best way to capture this is to journal so have a little notepad a pen ready to go when do you feel the most productive during the day is that 11:00 maybe it's 11:30 when do you feel the least productive maybe it's right before lunch where you're hitting that trough or you're hitting that bottom point of the ultradian rhythm but if you journal and you know when it is specifically day-in day-out then you're a lot more likely to tap into the benefits and the increased productivity from the peaks and troughs of this you can always just use electronically pens ooh and getting set up keeping track of your ultradian rhythm.

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