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How to Use To Do Lists More Effectively

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 32 how to use to-do lists more effectively now what does your current to-do list look like now for most people it is not looking good it's a huge list of things that aren't actionable aren't helpful maybe they're old maybe they're new but it's a huge list you never are gonna get it done never can get it done because there's so much and a lot of the times it isn't clear or it isn't something that you could actually do and take action on so for example I looked at a to-do list awhile back and said write book that's not that's not one thing you do that's an entire process as hours upon hours of work creativity and blood sweat and tears going into that project it's not just something you write off now you can break that down and write a book but you're not gonna get that done in one afternoon keeping that in mind we want to look at the purpose of a to-do list the purpose of a to-do list is to get everything off your mind that needs to be accomplished that needs to be dealt with and put it on paper so you can actually go out there and accomplish it now a to-do list is also supposed to give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day you are looking to accomplish something you're looking to get something done and you want to feel good about it it feels really good to have 10 things on a to-do list and at the end of that day everything's marked off and you can go home and relax that's a powerful feeling to say the least when you've accomplished everything you can actually fully relax now that being said take a look at the loot list you have now if it's 50 items 100 items cut it down mercilessly can you do that task does that task still relate to what you're trying to accomplish if not if it doesn't make sense to have it on the list cut it out cut it down to something that's more manageable and then cut it and use it on a daily basis so this is today's to do's this is tomorrow's to do's so on and so forth so at the end of the day you can have that accomplishment you can't have that win when you're able to finish what you've set to do and the date the days to do this should be done by the end of the day so you get that relaxation and get that reward so you don't have to worry about anything else worry about how its mounting up and how you still haven't made headway.

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