How to Read 200 Faster

How to Read 200 Percent Faster after Learning this Simple Trick

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June 15, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Lesson number 65 had a read 200% faster after learning this simple trick and set of tricks okay what would it mean to you if you were able to read 200% faster now when asked what superpower Bill Gates had would have and when asked the same question to Warren Buffett they both said and answered the same thing I wish I could read faster than was a superpower they wanted they didn't want super-strength they didn't want heat ray vision x-ray vision they wanted to be able to read faster so if you can read 200% faster then you're on track to do a lot more.

Now we're gonna go over some speed reading techniques to benefit you and to help you read faster and still comprehend the same amount if not more the first is to use a visual pacer whether it's your pen or whether it's your finger you're going to keep the pace up by tracing and going downwards on the page so as you're reading as you're going down you're going to visually pace where you're at what sentence you're reading so on and so forth taking you down at a consistent speed at a rapid speed so you don't lollygag okay second is sub vocalization now what this means is when you're reading a lot of people say the word out loud in their mind this is a slow way to read so you're reading step by step you have to say every word out loud and that's not necessary that's what sub vocalization is so by cutting that out you're able to read a lot faster.

You know will to comprehend a lot more quicker okay and this last one is not every word so when you're reading a sentence when you're reading a paragraph you're trying to understand the concept behind the paragraph you're not trying to read every word the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog see quick brown fox jumping lazy dog okay so didn't have to read every specific word every single word which is gonna slow you down so skip and skim but don't lose that comprehension follow these tips don't read every word but still follow these tips use these speed writing techniques and you're able to read a lot faster a lot quicker and still comprehend everything and get on with other things that are going on.  

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