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How to Make 100% Sure you Achieve your Goal (Part 1)

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series number 51 how to make a hundred percent sure you achieve your goal part one the key to achieving your goals is adding as much accountability to the goal as possible now if you make a goal and you only say to yourself then you're a lot less likely to follow through and actually do it if you make it public or let it be known to a few people close to you friends family maybe a co-worker maybe a neighbor depending on what kind of goal it is you're gonna add a layer of accountability now what this does for you as a benefit as something that's going to help you get across to where you want to be is it's gonna help you and force you to actually do what you set out to do next time you see that person next time you talk to that person that are definitely gonna bring it up well how is that goal going how is that task that you wanted to accomplish they told me about and if the thing is going good then you're going to be bragging you're gonna be like yes it is great it's perfect so on and so forth but if it wasn't going the way you wanted and you haven't done what you're supposed to do it's gonna make it a very difficult conversation so next time you have a goal and you want to achieve it make it public let people to be known you can post about it on Facebook tweet about it with Twitter LinkedIn so on and so forth but make it public let's go through an example here so you better understand this concept this is pretty simple with making it public what you're basically doing is you are just making it public so here's an example with Facebook so let's say I commit to let's say in this case you're wanting to quit smoking if you see me smoke then I allow you to slap me in the face perfect right starting today why don't smoke but because it would be an example of you trying to quit smoking so I commit to smoke quitting smoking you're making public you're posting on Facebook your friends are gonna see it next time they see you if you're smoking you're gonna get smack in the face this is an example but you can use the same idea here and then just click post.

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