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How to Free Up 40% of your Waking Time

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 14 had a free up 40% of your waking time now this is centered around the three DS the three DS about work first is defer they're gonna save up and free up a lot of time if the task you are trying to do the task you are trying to accomplish doesn't need to be done right then so for example if you have to file a report or you have to do something and it's not time critical where it has to be done that day if you defer it for a week for a month you're gonna free it a lot of your time and you can focus on the things that do matter in that moment another D here is delegate so is this a task you have to do yourself is this a task that somebody else may be lower ranking than you someone who earns less than you or somebody who whose time is a little more open than you to do this task can you delegate it give it to somebody else third option here of the three DS is delete is this task important if not delete it cut it mercilessly use that time energy attention for something else you don't want to get caught up in tasks and day-to-day things that don't matter on your outcome or whatever goal you're focusing on if it doesn't help you one step closer to the goal line one step closer to achieve your goals delete it so use these three DS defer delegate delete to help you accomplish more and get more done you can focus on the things that matter get rid of and push off the things that don't so take a look at your tasks see what can fall under these three DS.

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