How to Be 100% Focused Every Minute During the Day

How to Be Focused Every Minute During the Day

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series number 41 had to be 100% focus we have focused and touched on this about distractions that interruptions about worthless meetings in other lectures but I want to 100% crystallize this point and actually make sure first off you've digested it understood it and then second off actually implemented it just because I cover the same idea the same concept in several lecture videos doesn't mean that students are actually going out there and doing it it's one thing to watch a video it's entirely different thing to actually take steps to implement it to actually solidify it through the habits that you have through the life that you're living and go out and actually do something with it so I'm gonna touched on this point again and I'm gonna hit it from this other angle now it's absolutely important to be a hundred percent focused to be a hundred percent in tune with what is the accomplishment of the task at hand you want absolutely one hundred percent cut out any interruptions you're having these are pop-up ads on your computer or may just random pop-ups whether it's a Google Hangouts notification escape Skype notification email notification all those pop-ups if there are any co-workers getting a hold of you or they're bothering you let them know obviously politely that they are interrupting your time that you have a lot of work to do and then you can basically shoo them away politely of course and then no email if you have a specific email schedule stick to that but it's smart to check your email several times throughout the day not every five minutes not a hundred times per day but to be a hundred percent focused at the task at hand cut out what doesn't need to be done and get started on what needs to be accomplished now can you think of anything else that distracts you is there anything else throughout the day that could take your attention and take you away from your work cut it out get it out take action do things to improve where you want to be and where you want to live.

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