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How to Make 100% Sure you Achieve your Goal (Part 2)

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 52 how to make a hundred percent sure you achieve your goal part two now have you donated to a charity before now if you have maybe you haven't now we're gonna do the opposite no not steal from a charity but let me get into this a little deeper we're going to donate if you don't achieve your goal you're gonna donate to a charity you hate now imagine what that's gonna do to your productivity make sure you accomplish that goal let's say you're a Democrat and you want to go out and do X go to the gym X times per week or make sure you get this project on time now if you don't do that like you said you would would that be motivating to you if you had to go out and donate $50 $100 to the Republican Party probably for most people and would so we're going to donate only if we don't accomplish the goal to a charity that we don't like that we hate so we can help accomplish our goals let's take a look at an example here of the anti charity technique so you better understand this so we are on stick comm stic ke ke comm and this is where you can set your goals and if you don't hit it then you can and will have to donate to an anti charity but the process is simple you create the goal so I commit to lose weight you hit go you go through the process and after step two is when you're gonna select the anti charity and set the stakes it's gonna give you a list of anti charities I think KKK is actually a charity you can donate to I believe their nonprofit organization and the last time I checked I'm not because enough because I donate to them but because I did this same process with an anti charity and with the KKK and I actually 100% hit the goal so I'm definitely knocking and donate to them no offense to them if you don't like their ideas you don't like the ideals I'm with you on that one but if you like them nothing against you but that's the same idea so you stick calm donate to an anti charity if you don't hit the goal it's gonna motivate you to do whatever it is you set up.

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