How to Achieve any Task Faster Than You Thought Possible

How to Achieve any Task Faster than you Thought Possible

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number three had achieved any task faster than you thought possible and you do this by focusing on the outcome a lot of the times people focus on the step by step plan we talk about eating an elephant how to do that take a small step possible but add this to that add this dimension of productivity to taking small steps where you focus on the outcome when you're launching a new marketing campaign market when you're launching a new product when you're trying to clean your house when you're trying to do things and get more things done as examples you want to focus on what's the thing that I'm really going for what's the outcome what's the final product final result that I want you're gonna find out that you can achieve it a lot faster than you thought by focusing on that now plans fail you create a plan and you start and you follow the plan implement the plan you start to find out well this isn't gonna take me where I want where it's where I wanted it to take me so plans fail but that's fine you want to focus on the outcome you want to focus on the last thing that's the most important if you keep working at it if you keep on putting the time energy the effort the attention you're going to find out a shortcut will appear you're going to be implementing the plan and find out well wait if I do this then it's gonna be faster for example with the cleaning of the house you might be going through the steps you know vacuuming cleaning the bathrooms and then you might figure out well wait a second I want a clean house but I don't necessarily need to be the one that does it what if I hire somebody to do it what if I hire and pay them a couple bucks to clean my house now that's the outcome you're focusing on the outcome not the actual steps it takes not the actual plan it takes to get there that's an example of cleaning your house focus on the outcome you're gonna achieve everything much faster than you ever thought possible.

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