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How Much Time Does this One Nuisance Steal from you?

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 63 how much time does this one nuisance still for me now what is this thing that's stealing time and how do we kill it let's pop up pop ups pop ups and the strategy here is to use popup blockers now it's after a major study down advertising it said that we see 30,000 plus commercial messages per day thousands plus commercial messages online and hundreds and even tens of popups per day now if you spend you know five 10 seconds on 10 pop-ups if you spend 5 10 seconds on each pop-up you get 10 per day that adds up over the course of a year to be hours and hours just spent clicking the X Box the X and closing out those pop-ups not worth it not the funnest way to spend your time so we're gonna use popup blockers in order to save our time stop pop-ups from coming in to our lives and taking away our time so this is going to depend on the browser that you're using in my case I'm using Google Chrome someone go to the google chrome store and to get started with this what we're just gonna do is we're gonna search the store for what we're looking for in that case it's adblock and it's that simple so once it pulls up here it's gonna have the different apps you can see this is the one I use adblock plus it's the same one I have up here ABP but whichever one is up to you doesn't really matter but you open it you get it you download it you click the Add to Chrome or add to Firefox or whatever button it is dependent on your browser and it's really that simple it's gonna start blocking ads text ads image ads video ads as well it's going to make your life a lot easier

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