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Daily and Weekly Reporting

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series number four in daily and weekly reporting the concept behind this is on the daily reporting you want to make sure you finish your to Do's for every day you want to make sure that you are working towards their goals day in day out it's the same with weekly reporting so if your goal is to do X you want to see week in week out that you're taking steps to accomplish X if your goal was for the week to do a at the end of the week well you should have accomplished a this is a way to add a layer of accountability to whatever it is you're trying to accomplish whatever it is you're trying to do by being honest with yourself keeping track of everything on paper what were you doing for today what were you doing for the week it helps you stay focused and move towards what you want to move towards now with this one this is taken from Danny Pena like 50 billion dollar man and his concept he uses weekly reporting to keep track of his mentees keep track of the people he helps get across the goal line but you would be surprised how little of your time during the week during the day actually goes towards your goals the first time I did this I found out I had certain goals for the week certain goals for the day I only found it out that I spent maybe 60 minutes sixty five minutes of my 10 hour day twelve hour a day on my actual goals the rest was busy time you will be surprised just the same when you do this daily reporting and the weekly reporting that's how little of your time how little of your energy and your tension actually goes to you accomplishing what it is you set out for yourself I'm gonna give you a template here in the downloadable material section take a look at it download it get ready this is a life-changing productivity hack.

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