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Twitter Banner Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back so in this video we're going to be designing a Twitter banner for the social media platform called Twitter so let's get straight into it so what you want to do is go to the top where it says create a design and click more just here and let this page load out and then scroll down keep scrolling until you see social media and email headers we are just going to look for the Twitter one here we go Twitter header so I'm call it Twitter head are some clear to it to banner some call it a Twitter cover whatever you wanna call it this is what it is so then just click on that and let it load and here we go so this is what your Twitter page will look like so you have your profile picture here the menu of the Twitter website at the top just here and then the bar of stats for your Twitter page just here so you just want to design around that so what you want to do now is pick yourself a layout to begin designing with okay so let's just look through them now and see which one is good for you good for me good for everyone who wants to design there's many themed ones so you have Christmas you have guitar Volk beer as you can see but you can of course change your theme just by clicking on it and redesigning it like we have been doing with some of our other designs how about this one what is paid in this because if it's something that doesn't really matter it's like the background image which is we can just change that so this is a paid one at the moment but if we change your background image it's no longer a paid one so let's just type in my crook as the images of the MacBooks are really quite nice so I use them for pretty much everything to be honest okay so let's just select a nice one here this one here looks good if you let me put it on here it doesn't look like it wants to so let's just delete the image instead add ourselves a grid and plop this one in here fantastic arrange back back there we go that's all the way to the back and now if we type mac book we can just hover over that but just there and you'll go straight to the frame and if we find that image again we'll be able to do that as you work we go for that one we're gonna go for this one there we go so as you can see you can hover it straight over up that one's page so we are gonna go for a different one again you wanna make sure it is a free one not paid one of course let's see I'm gonna make one that looks very very nice it's always important of course okay that's good now let's change its color from blue to a grey color that will suit a bit better yeah I think this gray looks better solicitously fit is this right now so let's just change this text here to black brick-like so fantastic and to be honest I don't really like that font so I'm going to click on the text like so and just change the font because I'm not very happy with that one to be honest I don't think they've selected a very nice one on there so let's just make sure we've got a better one selected let's just have a look for one which will look a lot better of course about this winter's tier know that it doesn't agree nice of course we can let's make it smaller so fits in but it's not really any point I don't like it I don't like that fun let's just keep looking for another one however this one nope that's not very nice either it needs to be perfect I always think it needs to be perfect that's the one thing about me when I'm doing my designs the fonts have to be perfect this one just here okay yeah that looks great I like that let's just make the text a little bit smaller so that it fits in nicely okay a bit bigger than that bit smaller than that there we go so let's just Center this again because we're just unscented that yeah that fonts a lot nicer than the other one that's very nice and then let's just go www dot and then paste this in like brick oh we also need training dot code are you okay almost all fits in but we can also have to pick that tiny bit smaller oh well not to worry and let's Center that fantastic very nice let's just see if this looks better of any other colors like a green or black oh of course not like white yeah possibly actually or blue I might I quite like the white actually that is quite quite clean I like the clean look of it looks very nice okay so what we can then do is go to let's say Facebook like so and get ourselves a nice little Facebook logo fantastic and make this very very small well that small that looks good okay and then let's go to text on the left here and just go to body text and move this down for /black brick training awesome and then let's just make this books a little bit smaller so it's all fitting in nicely fantastic so that's good there we go and then let's get a Instagram one as our Instagram username is exactly the same as our Facebook's that is awesome then let's make this of course just as small as the Facebook logo fantastic just there awesome of course everything needs to look perfect and be the perfect size and so on and so forth you know so then that's just changed this flash on here to an act because our username is app like pre-training for Instagram and now we want to change the font for both of these actually so let's just do that now to something that looks a bit better that is good 10 B 5 fantastic so we've got our font as well it's always good to select a font that you do like and not one you don't like yeah that's now centered as well fantastic so we've got Facebook Instagram and let's add they said snapchat so let's type in snapchat like so this one does here and then make this also the same size as the other two just like this there we go fantastic and our snapchat username is apt black brick Lert so let's just change this now from training to learn there we go fantastic and then let's make this books a little smaller so it's centered nicely and there we go so that is that let's just save that by nicely because of course we want to save our design so we don't lose it and there we go so that looks very nice I'm very happy with this indeed so I'm going to move this to the left a little and same with this and with this as well fantastic so that is absolutely amazing I'm very happy with that so now let's just rename this to Twitter burner and we'll be using this for Twitter so that is absolutely fantastic thank you all for watching hopefully you enjoyed it hopefully you learned a lot and hopefully I'll see you the next one once again thanks for watching thanks for listening and good bye.

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