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Tumblr Banner Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series  hello and welcome back so the next panel we will be designing is a banner for tumblr so let's get straight into it so let's go to and at the top here where it says create a design let's click more just here and let this new page load and once it has their scroll down until you see social media and email headers and we're just going to look for tumblr okay so I see it just here so let's click on this and let this new page load and this is where we will be designing the tumblr banner so let's get straight into it so on the left here we have all of the different layouts and on the right is the canvas we will be designing onto and before anything one's going to rename this tumblr banner and then hit done and go file save and now we have for the canvas ready to start designing so let's get straight into it okay so first things first we of course need to pick ourselves out a layout so let's go through these now and see which one is best for us now I don't think this tumblr banner is gonna take too long probably no more than five minutes in my opinion because it doesn't look like it's going to be as difficult as the other ones I think this can be a very easy one and a very quick one to make so let's just look for a layout begin designing and then we're finished pretty much because that's all we need to do look for one design it and then download it and upload it to tumblr really that's all you need to do so let's look for a cool layout I've seen a couple nice ones that one's quite cool yeah this summer I really do like actually this one's called if we change this so this is black and this says brick and then if we just make it so that this can actually fit the word black and move that to the right slightly there we go and every changes here to the ultimate online courses will stop there we go so we have the ultimate online courses black brick the only thing is I don't think we have enough text here for where we've put the Oldham online courses so let's just type in go from beginner to professional fantastic there we go so let's say we've got so we've got the able to online courses and then we're going to pay a comma go from beginner to professional yep fantastic I like that and we gonna have to move this and this to the left so it fits with the other text so let's just do that now there we go nice so it's on the Left they both start just here so if we're the ultimate online courses go from beginner to professional black brick and that's pretty much done to be honest you can change the background color just by clicking on it and obviously changing the color to anything you want and that's nice and easy of course or you can just leave it as it was by going controls aired a few times to find what you originally had but yeah I'm really happy of this it took no time at all base quite a nice design I think really I don't like that fun too much though so if we look for a new font for this that could be a bit better there we go that's a nice of fun fantastic there we go so we've got quite a nice font there now we've got a very nice design a nice fun - nice ones down here as well and yeah I'm very happy with this I think it's very nice it's very simplistic but it's very nice I like it a lot now yeah so that's that that was super simple super quick but super awesome as well so depending on which layout you guys chose I hope that you chose one you like of course and ie took no time at all designing this one so you can of course make a new page and design something new it will take probably just the same amount of time no time at all does rename this to whatever you want change the background color style a bit so it has your own sort of unique design Flair into it and yeah so I can add some elements really some shapes some different things on here and see what I can do okay so let's just have a quick look as to what I could add to make this a bit better so that it's not too simplistic so that we've done more work in this video because at the moment this video has been very easy for everyone who's taken part because well of course we've not done much it's taken no time at all so let's just select the background color for that and then just pop that in there awesome okay so of course you can do whatever you want you could do this it could do anything really it's always up to you of course I think I'm gonna leave it like gradually or a bit slanted I'm not too sure really I might make this bottom a bit bigger like that and then just turn it around like this and then there's just a nice random shape there it looks quite cool and then I'll just copy this a few times control D duplicate it and then I'll just move this over here let's see just here awesome move it down a little bit more cool so I think that looks quite cool mister sleeve is that then there we go see yeah there's some random designs in there now as well we've got the original design the original layout and some random shapes as well a finger just adds some sort of unique style to it you know I mean so yeah it looks strange by quite like it's just random you know it's unique so yeah I'm very happy of this it's taken no time at all it's it's very simple to do and it looks very nice as well in my opinion anyway now yeah so that's all for this video hopefully you all enjoyed it hopefully you learnt a lot and hopefully you had a great time so I'll see you in the next one thanks for watching thanks for listening and good bye. 

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