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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy pie as part of our Academy series  hello everyone and welcome back in this video we'll be designing a logo so let's get straight into it now of course logos were important for every single business every single brand as you all know so it's a very important aspect for your business or brand okay so you need to make sure you take time and effort into designing your logo as it is what's going to stick with your business and it is what will make people identify your business okay so let's get straight into it so as you can see first of all here at the top where it says create a design I have logo just here but that's because it's the most popular ones for me if you click more and then scroll down to marketing materials which is just here you will see that the fourth one just here says logo so click that and let this new page load this is the canvas just here this white square 500 by 500 pixels and over here on the Left these are all the different layouts which we will use to help us design our logos okay so let's do this first things first of course you just need to rename the project to whatever you want to call it I'm gonna call mine logo design like so and then hit enter or click the done button and then it is done and it will automatically save they go all changes saved and then as you can see on the left here these are all of the different layouts there's absolutely tons just keep scrolling through and there's more and more more and more and more so all you want to do is pick one of these layouts make it your own and turn it into your own brand's logo so you have to make sure you change it up a bit because you don't need to be the same as other people you want to be a unique brand just like everyone else everyone's to have a unique brand okay so it just keeps going through these until you find an awesome logo for you and then you can use these layouts to help you get the design process more professional and it'll be a lot easier for you if you don't have great design skills so whether you're professional or whether you are new to design this is perfect for you the layout section on canva so you can just pick any of these layouts okay so I'm just gonna go through these now as you can see this one just here it's quite similar to the black brick training logo in the fact that the first letter is in a square okay so that's quite cool but we're not going to use that as we don't want to redesign our own logo once again we will design one for black with training in this but it won't be exactly the same as what we already have and you'll be designing a logo for your own business of course so yeah this is just an example for you you can of course if you want to follow along with what I am designing in this video and it will help you to learn for your own design or you Candace go straight into it after watching this video all right let's have a look at this one here okay so this looks quite cool it says I'm leaving to try and say what it says of course it looks like is in German I'm not too sure so what we're going to do here is just change some of the text change them the colors possibly the fonts and just make a new black brick training logo okay so first of all it will change this bit here to black brick like for that and make this box a bit bigger so it all fits in and then of course you need to Center it like so so that is now centered in the green box and then at the bottom here you can have your slogan or your web address so I'm just going to put my web address there we go so we have W black book training code it UK now as you can see this is quite long so it takes a lot of space but you can't have it like this or of course you can make the font smaller so it takes up less space buttons no changes now because normally in your logo you don't of course have you ever dress you would have a slogan if anything yes so I'm going to change this now to the other two online courses there you go and that just shows you just how easy is to change the text to make it your own so that is now if you want it to be your own logo okay but in my opinion this sort of logo you don't want any text down here I think it looks nice just with the green box and the grey coloured box at the background gray Brown and it kind of just contrasts nice it looks good I like a lot so let's just leave that as that and design one more logo for you to follow along with as of course that was very easy but also it's very nice I do like it so let's just look for another one here this one here looks quite good because you could easily change it to a PNG if you see what I'm saying you can change the text color and then remove the background so it's just a plain background and then is a PNG and you can also have it on your website okay so that is up really fantastic so let's just change this now now as you can see they do have these lines at the top we will see if we can use them but we might not be able to so bear that in mind of course it'll depends on what your company is actually called because the letters form to give a nicer for these little lines here and see if I shorten this I could put that there and I could put that there now it looks random by quite like a chit look I figure that's quite cool I like a lot and then of course let's type the ultimate online courses and then let's put it over to the right just about here so there you go you have the logo and in the text as well so let's make this one here a little bit bigger like so no it's very nice I take really do like that to be honest I'm not sure why I buy this video I'm going to just try something here I'm gonna move this one here and then grab it and move it along and duplicate this so basically everywhere there's a nice little gap I'm gonna put in one of these little blocks just because I think it looks quite cold okay so let's do the same with this just here of course it doesn't need space the same space in between the L and the K just here and the K and the B just here so that looks quite good that's nice and then make this one a little bit bigger nice yeah so that was quite cool I like that actually does look quite nice okay let's just duplicate this one more time and move this just here just like so there you go fantastic so now we have black brick and the ultra online courses we could if we wanted to duplicate it one more time and have it after the K as well let's just see what that looks like very nice okay yeah I do actually quite like this to be honest for some reason with the line all the way along the top it just looks really nice I really do like this so let me just make this book smaller so the autumn online courses fits in perfectly there we go pop that in there now that I am really happy with actually I think that looks really nice genuinely I really do like it now I'm gonna make sure I have file and save this so I don't lose it because I do like it now of course you can clean it up a bit and trim off all the fat but now I'm going to show you how you could actually download it as a PNG okay so click on the background and just click delete and then as you can see all of the text will just turn black so it is visible but of course the ultimate online courses text didn't as you do that so I'm going to change both of these text just here to the browny gray color like this because I like that color and then of course we need to grab all of these little lines and give them actually I'm gonna try something I'm gonna give them that green color to make them pop a bit more so let's just do this color we've absolutely all of these little lines we've got here these bars whatever you wanna call them and make them all that nice green color and that I do actually really like I like that a lot and if you want to download this opinion G let's go to download and thick transparent background and make sure you're only downloading file or two of course we have the design up here as well and then mix your PNG is selected so then if you hit download it will download it as a PNG for you so let's just download this now preparing your design fantastic very nice and your design is ready and downloading so let's click on this in three two one there you go so that is a PNG the reason is a PNG because it means you cannot see the background okay so this is transparent you can put this over anything on your website and there will not be a huge bars going around it it would just be this part of the image here the part of the image which you can actually see everything you can't see isn't any image okay that is the beauty of a transparent PNG image so now if we just click download and go to jpg and of course only select number two again and hit download and as preparing the design let's just let this download and here we go open this up as you can see JPEG will have the entire white background and one more time if we download this as a PNG but not as a transparent background so don't tick that button there it'll be exactly the same it'll look exactly the same as that JPEG just now because the background is not transparent there you go fantastic so hopefully I've taught you a little bit more about file types now so you get to know what file types are and the main ones jpg PNG and of course the transparent PNG which is one of my favorites because that is what you would actually use to play a logo design onto your website so there is absolutely fantastic of course so yeah we've joined this very nice design and this very nice design in no more than ten minutes okay so that is absolutely fantastic I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learned a lot of course there are many many many different design layouts over here for your logo so if you are a cafe there's probably a cafe style for you somewhere if you're a church you've seen many church styles if you are a tech company that looks like tech even though it says construction it does look very techy so that's very nice some construction company ones here flowers design all these and there are absolutely tons for you to pick for okay so take your time design a nice logo and then get back to me and show me what you've made you could even post your design too Twitter and at us at black brick learn and we will comment on it and tell you how you could improve and also tell you that we like it if we like it yeah so that's fantastic hopefully you all enjoy this video and hopefully you learned a lot I'll see you in the next one once again thanks for watching thanks for listening and I'll see you very soon goodbye.

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